[Trend Video] Paris And Kuaron Harvey Live Video Footage: Details On Instagram Clip

Latest News Paris And Kuaron Harvey Live Video Footage

In this article, you will learn about Paris and Kuaron Harvey Live Video Footage. Read the full post to get details on Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Video and Live Video Twitter.

Do you know about the murder-suicide of two cousins? Have you watched the video? Paris and Kuaron Harvey Live Video Footage has created many questions about the incident. The incident happened two years back. The video of the incident has also gone viral on many online platforms. People Worldwide are still finding the video on many online platforms but couldn’t spot it anywhere. In this article, we will give you all the details about the Paris and Kuaron whole incident.

Paris and Kuaron Harvey Live Video Footage

Paris and Kuaron’s live video footage has shocked many people around the globe. In the footage, it is spotted that Paris killed her cousin before shooting herself. Paris was a 12-year-old girl and her cousin Kuaron was 14 years. The two came live on instagram. Paris somehow had a gun in her hand. She first killed her cousin by shooting him with the gun and then killed herself with the same gun. The whole incident was recorded in a live stream as the two had started a livestream on instagram before the incident happened. The video went viral on multiple platforms but later got deleted from some platforms but you can find it on instagram.

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Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Video

Kuaron Harvey’s livestream shows hurtful content in which two cousins passed out after a murder-suicide. The video of Instagram livestream had spread on several online platforms but now it’s available on Instagram only.  The Kuaron Harvey Instagram Live Video shows Paris shooting her cousins with the gun and then shooting herself. The police were called at around 2 am. They found that the victims were lying and suffering from the wounds of the gun. The two were pronounced dead on the scene. Paris’s mother had said that she did not know from where she got the gun. She stated that the live video started in which Paris was playing with the gun and then the video went off. 

Kuaron Harvey Live Video Twitter

The full video of Kuaron Harvey is not available on Twitter. The video was earlier uploaded on Twitter but the full video was deleted. The video is available on Instagram. The video shows Paris accidentally killed her cousin and was shocked and started screaming. The room was locked from the inside. She then killed herself. Family members gathered outside the room and started shouting and pushing the door. The two fell on the ground and they are not visible in the live video. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here Kuaron Harvey Live Video Twitter, the video of Kuaron and Paris had spread all over the internet. The video is currently removed from all platforms except Instagram as it was a hurtful video. In the Livestream, Paris Harvey first shot her cousin Kuaron Harvey and then killed herself with the same gun as per the online websites. The video of Paris and Kuaron is not available on online platforms. You can visit this link to learn more details on Paris and Kuaron.

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Disclaimer: We have not attached any video or link related to Paris and Kuaron’s viral video as it is a hurtful video. 

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