Odexgen Gift Card (Dec 2020) Are These Genuine?

Odexgen Gift Card 2020

Odexgen Gift Card (Dec 2020) Are These Genuine?  -> Get to know about a site that lets visitors generate gift cards for free.

Are you always scouring the internet for gift cards that let you enjoy discounts? In today’s post, we are letting you know about Odexgen Gift Card

People worldwide are always on the lookout for sites that let them generate free deals and gift cards. However, more often than not, these sites are scams that allure users with exciting offers to get access to their personal information like the email id. Read on to know more about the site. 

What are these gift cards? 

The site claims to be a free gift card generator. To generate a gift card, the visitor needs to share his or her email address. As per the info displaying on the homepage, the site emails the codes to the users.  

A user looking for an Odexgen Gift Card can select from the dropdown menu. The site claims to offer gift cards for several popular brands like Apple, Xbox, Walmart, PayPal, Target, Ebay, Best Buy, and a few others. Visitors need to follow three steps to generate these gift cards. 

The first step is to share the email id. The second step is to select the device: Android or iOS. The last step involves selecting the gift card the user wishes to generate. The site’s terms of services page do not have any content. 

Things to know about these gift cards: 

  • The Odexgen Gift Card is available on Odexgen.com/gift. 
  • The site lets users pick from a list of gift cards for different brands. 
  • A few examples of the gift cards displaying on the site are $1200 Apple Store Gift Card, $200 Walmart Gift Card, $500 PayPal Gift Card. 
  • The site displays the username of visitors who’ve claimed the gift cards. 
  • A few posts claim that the site is a scam and does not work. 

What are people saying about the site? 

The site is yet to become popular in the online space. However, we came across a few posts claiming the site is suspicious and warns users to abstain from sharing their details. They share that the site directs users to survey pages and does not send any code to the email id. 

Does Odexgen work

There is no way to verify the claim that the site works. We tried looking for customer reviews. However, the lack of posts discussing the site and the unrealistic claim of the site could be an indication that the site does not work. Additionally, the value of gift cards is unrealistic. 


There are countless sites that try to lure in customers by claiming to offer free gift cards. The Odexgen Gift Card generating site is one of the sites that appears to be suspicious. 

The site allows users to generate free gift cards for some of the most sought-after brands. If you’ve ever used an Odexgen Gift Card, do share your experience in the comment section.

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  1. Nah. The site totally works! I’ve used it before, and the verification process was easy.

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