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Natiere Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Another Scam?

Natiere Reviews (March) Is It Legit Or Another Scam? >> Please read this article to acknowledge the features of the website that offers trendy outfits at a reasonable price but seems to be suspicious.

Natiere Reviews: So are you a keen online shopper? Or if I say according to the trend – Are you a keen window shopper. If your mind is smirking at the question and you affirm to it. Then this site Natiere.com, we are today writing our review, which will be 100% helpful for you to decide whether you should be buying from it or not. 

If you are interested in seeing fashion blogs, we have noticed that in the United States, apparels of this type are quite in trend.

Everything we offer here is updated and collected with multiple sources to ensure the information is right to keep our readers aware of scams. So, we are presenting – Naitere Reviews to keep you safe from the accelerating trend of portal frauds wide-spreading rapidly.

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What is Natiere.com?

Natiere.com is an online portal, aka e-commerce website, which sells explicitly female garments. The variety of products on the website is impressive enough. It has prints, designs, two sets, dresses you could even wear casually, sweaters etc. 

It has some cool peppy prints in its collection, and the ombre effect on clothes makes their collection gleam out. People like wearing has cute little casual dresses and if it has some jazzy prints or flowery prints? Isn’t it so eye-catching?  

You’ll come to know more about the said website if you would humbly like to stick to our Natiere.com Reviews. It even has a separate segment of new varieties in the recent month or so, which is quite fascinating if you believe in going upto the trends. Also, if you want to maintain a list of products people like according to the occasions, this segment is helpful.

Specifications of Nature 

  • Website Link-  https://natiere.com/
  • Products Offered – Lady’s Garment ( Mostly Upper Garments)
  • The date of creating the portal –11 November 2020
  • Email address: natiere@csbestmail.com
  • Shipping – Postal Shipping takes 35 business days, and Express Shipping  upto 35-36 business days
  • Return/exchange: after contacting their customer service within 30 days.
  • Refund- it takes upto business days after they receive your delivered package.
  • According to Natiere Reviews the company is situated at 4166 Novak Drive Southwest, Port Orchards. WA. US 98367
  • Payment- accepts payment method from credit card, PayPal, and it accepts in different currencies.

Pro of Natiere.com

  • The portal is providing way too trendy clothes.
  • The company provides secure forms of payment.
  • They separated a segment for the trendy styles according to months.

     Con of Natiere.com

  • The traffic volume of the platform seemed so low.
  • All the required information is not being provided on the portal.
  • It has around 400-500 people on the Facebook page and only 28 followers on its Instagram handle.
  • They cut 10% of the money if you cancel after 24 hours of purchasing.
  • The domain is only five months old, which is quite suspicious.
  • As per the Natiere Reviews the trust index of the website is only 1%, which is extremely poor.

Is the website legit or a scam?

 We have found out that the portal is just a few months old, which makes it suspicious. They even cut the cost while returning the product if it is not done within 24hrs of buying the product. The information about their brand is a little bit excited as the customer reviews seem fake. 

There are some suspicious factors about this site. They didn’t even disclose their contact details except for the mail. They take the humungous amount of time to deliver products. It is a scandalous website, which might cause you a loss.

Natiere Reviews

We have found many reviews on the products and the site but one regional portal. The buyers are not much visible except the reviews posted. 

To examine the site, we believe customer reviews hold up an essential responsibility either in making up or pushing down the brand’s image. The social media presence is less; it doesn’t even count while surveying about the website Nature.

 The guarantee of people buying with trust is quite suspicious. Also, the site is not as successful as observed. We have observed that reviews are too good to be true.

Final Conclusion

After surveying through the site, Natiere Reviews concludes that the place is not trustable enough. You’ll only find the reviews on their site and other specific sites that might be posting the reviews falsely. 

Our main aim is to write this review to ensure our readers stay safe from scammers. Scamming and fraud in today’s accelerating technology use is prevalent. Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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  1. I placed an order around February 24. I see that my credit card statement has been billed $92.97. PLEASE, could someone check on the status of my order and get back with me?


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