My Hero Academia 326 Chapter (Sep 2021) Check Details!

Latest News My Hero Academia 326 Chapter

My Hero Academia 326 Chapter post contains the release date and some spoiler of the next chapter, whose release is scheduled on time.

The manga series fans will have an exciting weekend as the release date of chapter 327 of MHA is scheduled for 26th September 2021, Worldwide. Though there may be a difference in the timing of the release in different parts of the world depending on time zone, eventually, on coming Sunday, each fan can read their favorite series.

The delay in the release of the last chapter due to the author’s ill health was disappointing for many of the fans, but the My Hero Academia 326 Chapter was finally released last Friday. 

About My Hero Academia:

MHA is one of the most popular manga series of japan written by Kohei Horikoshi and belongs to the genre of adventure and science fantasy. The series was started in July 2014 and is released in weekly shonen jump magazine. 

The story is about Izuku Midoriya, who is born without superpowers but wants to become a superhero-like All Might. The story’s background is that every individual is born with some superpower, and All Might is the greatest superhero. 

My Hero Academia 326 Chapter storyline:

This chapter was scheduled for release on 12th September 2021, but the author’s ill health delayed the launch, and finally, it gets released on 17th September. Chapter 326 is named “who you are really” and shows the exchange of words between All Might and Stain.

The story is set in the aftermath of the Izuku clash with class 1-A and the return of All Might to Kamino. All Might has lost most of its power and is in the last stage of his life and is cursing himself for not being able to help Izuku in his fight against class 1-A.

My Hero Academia 326 chapter is the first instance where stain meets All Might and cannot recognize him. Stain commends the role of All Might in trying to improve the life of general people by making the world a better place for everyone.

MHA Chapter 327 Release Date and Spoilers:

Though the release date of chapter 327 got postponed as per the schedule, it will be made available on 26th September. Most fans are eagerly waiting for this chapter and want to know which way the story moves ahead.

My Hero Academia 326 Chapter ends with a discussion between All Might and stain, chapter 327 spoiler’s ae out and according to some reports latest chapter is titled “REST”. The scene begins with class A Students throwing Deku in the hot bath as their rivalry continues.

Deku apologizes to All Might for not meeting him for a long time and accepts that he is in self-destructive mode, while All Might feel sorry for not helping Deku in time of need.

Final verdict:

The spoilers may not be true as the leak may not be accurate, and My Hero Academia 326 Chapter post wants fans to read the original story on a relevant platform and enjoy the most famous of all manga series.

The fans of MHA Wiki can read the story and give their thoughts in the comment section below. 

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