Microsoft Rewards Robux (Dec) Chance To Win Free Robux!

Microsoft Rewards Robux 2020

Microsoft Rewards Robux (Dec) Chance To Win Free Robux! -> Free robux is waiting for you; you need to login to this website. To get more information click on this link.

Want to know is Microsoft Rewards Robux legit? Is buying accessories in the game Roblox getting difficult in absence of robux? Today we will tell you about this website. 

This website claims that it gives away free hundred robux to its users. This website is gaining lots of users All over the world, especially in the United States.

We will share all the details of this whether it is about legitimacy or ways to earn the robux in further discussion. So stay connected with us throughout the article. 

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What is Microsoft Rewards Robux?

Microsoft’s program lets its users win a hundred robux for free but to gain this benefit, they need to sign up for this program.

You have to search it on, and for every search, the user will own five points. After saving all the issues, the user can redeem it for a variety of things in the Microsoft online store.

Microsoft also proclaims that these points can redeem to get robux and Roblox gift cards only. 

But to avail of this opportunity, you have to search for Microsoft Rewards Robux in your search engines.

How to get the robux?

Following are the steps:

  • Visit Microsoft rewards and click on the “claim the robux” call to action in order to proceed.
  • Then you have to create a new account in Microsoft and scroll your cursor down to more activities.
  •  Search for “claim the robux” And then click “Redeem Reward” and fulfill all the phone verification.
  •  Click on redeem the Roblox card received in mail; enter the pin provided so that the verification can be completed.
  • Here you go with your free robux directed by the Microsoft Rewards Robux search, which will pop up in the top right corner of your screen.

What are the ways to earn the points in Microsoft rewards?

Following are the ways t get rewards:

  • Make sure you complete the set of activities daily by going to more activities section. 
  • Then you have to complete all the punch cards and quests.
  • For every search on, you will earn five points. Do make sure that you login into the right Microsoft account.

Final verdict

This website offers the users thee free 100 robux but to get that; they have to make their new account in Microsoft rewards.

Searching for Microsoft Rewards Robux, you will reach your destination where you will get free robux for sure, but if you won Roblox cards, you have to wait for a few days to redeem that.

To avail of this benefit, make sure you login with a new account. This promotion is only for the players of the United States.

We gather no negative views about the website so it is safe to use. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the website now, and earn Robux for free. Do comment down about your experience.

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