Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci (March 2021) Scroll For Facts!

Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci 2021

Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci (March 2021) Scroll For Facts! >> This article gives you information about an extra-protective medical mask filter made up of nanofibers.

Don’t we all agree that masks have become an unavoidable accessory lately? All thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Scientists all over the world are still baffled at how the pandemic will unfold in the coming months.

Therefore, medical researchers are coming with novel ways to fight the COVID-19 virus.

This article talks about a reusable mask filter, Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci, that retains its protective properties even after multiple washes.

People in South Korea, Indonesia, and other parts of the world want to know more about this innovative mask filter. Let’s explore.

What is Masker Kf94?

Masker Kf94 is a medical mask filter developed by researchers from South Korea. The filter is made by crossing and aligning nanofibers to create small holes that block viruses. This makes the filter easily breathable.

Masker Kf94 comes with a 0.1 µm filter; this offers more filtration than the N95/KF94/KN95 masks.

Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci mask-filters are packed individually, meaning that each packet only comes with one filter.

The best part is that Masker Kf94 is washable and retains its efficacy up to 20 soap-washes. Considering the filter is suitable for use multiple times, the price of Masker Kf94 is quite pocket-friendly.

The filter mask is large, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Some specifications about Masker Kf94:

  • Available online at-
  • Minimum purchase- Two pieces.
  • Cost- Unit price is IDR 29 if you order two pieces, IDR 28 if you order more than five pieces, and IDR 27 if you order more than ten pieces.
  • Weight of each piece: 50 g.

How to use Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci?

The reusable mask filter is easy-to-use. One can easily place this mask filter inside their face masks. It covers almost half of the face, starting from the top of the nose to the chin and some of the neck.

Watch the YouTube video available at for comprehensive details.

You can reuse the filter; it is safe-to-use till 20 washes.

According to research, the filter structure remains unchanged after three hours of disinfection in alcohol. 

Masker Kf94 can also withstand 4000 crumples and stretches.

Customer Reviews On Masker Kf94:

Masker Kf94 Bisa Dicuci mask enjoys 4.9-stars on a scale of 5 from 389 customers.

The customers are highly appreciative of this reusable, easily disposable, and breathable filter mask that promises extra protection against harmful microbes. They are also happy about the reasonable pricing and neat packing of the product.

The product and the users are also raving about the sellers for their friendly and quick communication.

Final Verdict:

There is a high demand for protective face masks and filters worldwide. The researchers have developed the Masker Kf94 filter after meticulous research.

It is a highly protective filter.

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