Man Found Alive After Funeral {Feb} Happy or Shocked?

Man Found Alive After Funeral 2021

Man Found Alive After Funeral {Feb} Happy or Shocked? -> This article analyzes some of the incidents in which the man was found alive after his funeral.

After a person dies, everyone hopes that he/she comes back to life and be back with their family. But what if you come across a similar situation? In this article, we will be analyzing an incident that left a family both shocked and happy at the same time.

The moment such incidents happen, it is very hard to justify anyone’s emotions. Let us discuss similar incidents that will mix-up your emotions.

Man found alive after funeral is not a new headline. It has happened in many places like in the United Kingdomthe United States and Portugal, India and many more. 

On 10th January 2021, a 92-year-old man in Portugal was declared dead due to the COVID-19 virus and was buried. The man was reported alive after18 days of his funeral and burial ceremony. This event left the family shocked and happy at the same time.

What had happened?

A 92-year-old man, after suffering from respiratory problems, was hospitalized in a local hospital. He was declared dead after suffering from a theCOVID-19 virusMan found alive after funeralwhich was shocking news for the family and was traumatized. 

After being admitted to the Oliveira de Azemeis hospital, the older man got infected by the coronavirus. He was declared dead by the hospital authority. The old man’s daughter was called to give her the news of her father’s demise. The family tried to see their father’s dead body to identify it, but they were not allowed by the hospital due to COVID-19 protocols. The family organized a funeral ceremony, and the dead body was buried. 

The shocking part

After 20 days, the family received a piece of shocking news.

There was an error, and their relative was still alive. Man found alive after funeral was not dead. There was a colossal blunder. The hospital authority wrongly thought the deceased person to be the 92-year-old man from Santa Maria de Feira. 

The officers apologized the family for their mistake. Despite facing severe emotional damage, the family wasn’t furious. They understood that the Portuguese hospitals had been working very hard taking care of the patients amidst such a dangerous pandemic. 

However, the family hoped that better care would be taken in the future. After that, the deceased person’s actual family was contacted and informed of the sad demise of their relative caused due to the COVID-19 virus.

Similar events

Man found alive after funeral isn’t the news that had been heard for the first time. Some time ago, a similar incident was reported in Kerala, India. The family false identified an unclaimed body from Karnataka to be their relative (Husband) after he had not been in contact with them. 

The funeral had been conducted much before the actual family member, Saji (49 years) came back home. After learning about the funeral, he was shocked. The police started searching for the actual family members of the dead whose funeral had been conducted.

Final Verdict: 

People from places like the United Kingdom, United States and India and soon have witnessed the emotional damage that both the victim and the family suffer after hearing the statement: Man found alive after funeral and it is very difficult.

If you have ever heard or came across such incident then do share your views in the comments section below.

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