Lily Scarves Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Reliable Site?

Lily Scarves Reviews 2020

Lily Scarves Reviews [Nov 2020] Is This Reliable Site? >> This article is an online site which sells face masks & women scarves at fair prices; Read Here.

Who doesn’t love to shop, and you know what winter is coming! That means flu season is on the way, and with the COVID 19 virus spreading at alarming rates, have proper masks becomes a mandate. Although many things are needed to suffice the harsh winters of the United Kingdom, Ireland, having an appropriate cover is the utmost importance to safeguard your health. 

Finding variety and cute masks can be a hassle but don’t worry, we will review one such shopping website called Lily Scarves, which claims that their products will keep your safe from the flu and virus and keep you stylish as well. So, let’s go through the various Lily Scarves Reviews to find out more!

What is Lily Scarves? 

Lily Scarves is an online shopping website from the United Kingdom, Ireland retailing fashionable masks and scarves. The online store was started to decrease the country’s shortage of covers due to the COVID 19 virus

This store was started by a group of young women designers who converted their custom suit-making design into a scarf mask manufacturing and distribution business. They want every woman in the UK to protect herself fashionably and nicely. 

Let’s continue with Lily Scarves Reviews.

Specifications of Lily Scarves:

  • Website Link: Type: Vast selection of Facial masks and scarves
  • Email address –
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy
  • Refund: If the item is approved, then the amount will be refunded
  • Address: 2 / F, Building-8, No. 89, east side, Yidong Industrial Park, Siyuan Road, Niansanli street, Yiwu, Zhejiangx, China. Post Code –  322000
  • Exchanges: If the product is defective or damaged, it will be exchanged
  • Contact Number- +86- 159- 5891- 8498
  • Shipping: Shipping is free on orders over £30 to the UK only
  • Shipping: 5-15 days
  • Cancellation: Not available
  • Payments: Major debit and credit cards

What Are the Pros Of Lily Scarves?

  • The online store gives an of options for masks and scarves
  • They have a provided the refund and return policy
  • The products are fashionable and stylish
  • The official site has Lily Scarves Reviews
  • The proper description is provided under the products
  • Positive customer feedbacks are present
  • They are using a professional email id
  • Contact details mentioned are elaborate and include contact details
  • The website has an ‘About us’ page
  • They have proper social media accounts

What Are the Cons Of Lily Scarves?

  • The website is only 2 months old
  • The collection is only specified for women
  • The collection is minimal

Is Lily Scarves legit or not?

Lily Scarves Reviews found it as an online shopping website with fabulous and trendy pieces of scarves and masks. The website provides all the details for shipping and payment methods. They had also provided the details of their social media accounts and are using professional email id for connection with their customers all over the United Kingdom, Ireland. They have mentioned their return and refund policy in elaborate detail. And have also mentioned the various customer feedbacks on their website.

Although the website is relatively new as it was registered two months ago. And there are minimal options to buy from, especially in their summer collection. After checking their social media accounts and their customer’s reviews, Lily Scarves Reviews would like to conclude that Lily Scarves need more online reviews as a great website that started with good intentions. But the traffic on this website is meager, and therefore we would like to advise you to check all the details before proceeding. 

What are the buyers talking about Lily Scarves?  

This website was started by a group of young women designers during the COVID situation to help people all over the United Kingdom, Irelandas a measure to help the country with a shortage of masks. 

The website has posted their customer’s reviews on the homepage as well below the products. And most of the buyers have given positive feedback to the products.

Buyers are satisfied with the products and have mentioned that the scarves and the masks are comfortable, warm, and cosy. Like Lily Scarves Reviewspeople have also commented that significantly fewer products are listed on the website.

Final Verdict:

Although many varieties cannot be seen on the website, whatever the products are listed on the website are really fashionable and cute. The customers are pleased with their purchase and have given 5-star ratings to the products. Lily Scarves Reviews suggests buying products from this website but after going through all the details.

So we advise to do a proper research before you buy.

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