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Ladthyd Reviews (March 2021) Is This Legit Or A Scam?

Ladthyd Reviews (March 2021) Is This Legit Or A Scam?-> A digital shop offers the latest electronic devices on heavy discount deals. Check its Legitimacy!.  

Do you want to purchase the latest gadgets in jaw-dropping deals? – Then read the article till the end.

Have you read Ladthyd Reviews? Do you know what this shop offers? – The online tech shop has come up with a tempting deal of the latest gadgets; however, is it possible to provide those trendy devices in that price range?

Netizens of the United States are discussing online this site’s legitimacy; let’s check whether the offering is true or not.

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Overview of Ladthyd Web Portal:

Ladthyd is an e-com tech platform, which has marketed vast arrays of fresh electrical devices and accessories. The web platform has three distinct sections such as- Best Sellers, Featured Products, and New Arrivals.

At the time of checking Ladthyd Reviews, we found the platform’s selling products has been distinguished into particular departments like- Laptop Accessories, Accessories, and Parts, VR/ AR Devices, Electronic Accessories, Tablet Parts. Products have clear descriptions with several pictures.

Specification of Ladthyd Web Portal:

  • Website Link: https://ladthyd.com/
  • Website Nature: It is an e-com electronic gadget shop.
  • Company’s Address: 6, Wattle-Valley rd., Canterbury, VIC-3126
  • Contactable Email ID: GeorgiaMcNeil333918@gmail.com.
  • Contactable Number: (+61)455090711.
  • Delivery Charges: Free delivery is available.
  • Delivery Time: The delivery usually takes 10-15 business days.
  • Cancellation Procedure: No information is available.
  • Return Availability: Yes, it can be availed within seven days after shipping.
  • Domain Creation Date: As per Ladthyd Reviews, the domain was created on 26th May 2020.
  • Refund Process: Refund is available.
  • Exchange Process: No details are available.
  • Payment Modes: PayPal.

Pros of purchasing from Ladthyd store:

  • The site has brought vast collections of electronic devices and accessories for gadget lovers.
  • For trouble-free shopping, all products are categorized.
  • Official Email ID and Contact number is obtainable.
  • The company name is given.
  • The return policy is described in a separate section.
  • Shipping policy detail is available.

Cons of purchasing from Ladthyd store:

  • Shipping policy description needed to be more precise.
  • No information about shipping charges is on the site.
  • No Ladthyd Reviews were found on the internet.
  • Exchange policy and cancellation policy details are missing.
  • The site does not exist on social platforms.
  • One payment mode are available.

Is Ladthyd Web Portal legit?

Lenmoromanc is the operating company of this e-com portal. However, while reviewing this site’s legitimacy, we have got several loopholes. 

First, we have checked the given address on Google, which has shown a house picture rather than a corporate office, which can be a big red flag for this platform. Furthermore, delivery charges, cancellation, exchange process details are missing.

Another vital part is doubtful; we have found the site has no Ladthyd Reviews on the internet. Also, product reviews on this site only; other than that, no remarks are available on the internet.

Besides, on the platform, several social media logos are available. However, those are fake and do not redirect to its official profile, proving it has no existence on a social networking platform, though the site had been established around nine months ago. The trust score showing is terrible, only 2%.

Since it is not popular in the United States, having several loopholes, so we can declare the platform is suspicious and has low creditability.

What are buyers’ Ladthyd Reviews?

Buyers’ reviews are one of the essential things to earn. As people overview can increase the popularity of e-platform, vice versa, it can lower the site’s creditability.

We checked every product got above four stars out of 5. However, when we went to check those reviews, we noticed the reviews option is non-clickable.

We searched for the site’s remarks but never found one. Along with that, products do also not possess any comments on other sites. So there is a massive chance that those ratings are fake.

Also, it has no connection with any Social Platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. So we failed to find customers overview about the site and product as well.

Conclusion about Ladthyd Reviews:

Though the site has been on the internet for about nine months, it includes several concerning areas that lower its worthiness. Customer reviews and social media link is missing.

Moreover, the deals that have been offered are not possible. They are approaching people to purchase the latest gadgets at around 70% off rate, whereas the original price is much higher than that. Again the address is suspicious, terrible trust score, and no traffic indicates it is not a legit one, and people need to rethink before buying.

Which site do you select for purchasing electronic gadgets? Share your answer in the comment box.

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  1. Sites that are just like Ladthyd are ,Zfhwje, and Vrlifey.They basically are the same site just different name- doing the same bullshit.its a scam and I got burnt.Not really since paypal protection worked for me.Anyways- I ordered something from Zfhwje it took a while but they sent a shipment for me (my order) from China using EPackets .i knew something was up because the weight limit for EPackets is 4 lbs. Anyways the trip took 3 weeks but when it got to the states – the delivery address changed . somewhere in berkeley,ca Maybe they’re doing a TWO-FER(2 for 1) burning people and using orders to ship drugs– I don’t know. What do u guys think?

    • It happened the same to me, I order an item and besides that it took too long to shipped and send delivery information when I expected to be delivered I got a msg saying it was delivered at the front door at some place in Georgia and I’m from Ca


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