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Check out the complete incident of Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter and how netizens reacted to the viral Taksici video

Did you see the viral video of a taxi driver who got shot by a Customer on the driveway? What was the reason behind the federal shootout that took place in Izmir, Turkey? People worldwide are fed by the scenario that took place in the is where a taxi driver is shot for asking the customer for the fare. 

Citizens of Türkiye were amazed to see the horrific incident and wanted justice for the cab driver. Moreover, people are shocked and frightened after watching the horrible crime. So let’s check out the complete incident of Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter.

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter

The viral videos circulating on Twitter contain a 1:27-minute incident where a cab driver allows a customer in his taxi. Suddenly, at the stop, the cab driver asked for the fare, and the customer shot him three times from the back. The screaming driver dies on the spot.

Later, he comes to the front seat, steals all the money from the taxi driver and searches for any possible cash he can steal. After robbing the taxi driver, the criminal got out of the cab and ran away. The ambulance came after the emergency call of the lady nearby and took the victim to the hospital, where he was declared dead. 

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video

People, when they came to know about the incident, started looking for the viral video and the incident where the cab driver was shot. However, initially, the video was uploaded to social media and Twitter. However, due to the violent content and privacy policy, the video was eliminated from social media. 

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Video

However, there are still a few handles that are sharing the viral video, and people can still watch the video on Twitter. The new channel and other websites are sharing the video in a blurry format where the video is clear until the taxi driver is shot. During the fatal shooting, the video became blurred.

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Public Opinion on Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter

People are highly stressed and frightened after losing the viral footage of the taxi driver. The administration of Izmir also shared their condolences and thoughts on the fatal shootout that took place in public. However, as per the authority’s report, there was not any personal vengeance between the killer and the victim, but it was just for robbery.

Public Opinion on Taksici Cinayeti Video Twitter

Authorities captured the driver and took him to custody, where he is charged with the murder case. However, people are sharing different comments and opinions on the world video on Twitter and the post of the Turkish government. 

Details of individuals involved in Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter

The taxi driver, Oguz Erge, was 44 years old and working as a full-time taxi driver. The complete incident took place at 3:30 AM on 31 January 2024. As per the authority’s details, the passenger, or we can see the killer, was a 19-year-old young boy wearing a mask, and Hoodie was Delil Aysal.

Details of individuals involved in Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter

Unfortunately, Oguz couldn’t survive the three federal shootouts and Diet at the spot before reaching the hospital. However, the killer left all the citizens of Turkey in fear.

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İzmir’de, soğukta bekleyip üşümesin diye aldığı yolcu tarafından saldırıya uğrayan şoför, 3 kurşunla ağır yaralandı.
byu/meto0806 inTurkey

Final Verdict 

Izmir de Vurulan Taksici Twitter created chaos and fear among the citizens of Turkey. People are frightened after watching the terrible incident of the fatal shooting of a cab driver. However, the police catch the killer, and the victim is dead.

What was your reaction when you saw the video for the first time? Comment below.

Disclaimer: All the details in the blog are regarding the recent incident and demanding news. We do not promote any criminal activity or offensive acts.

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