Ix Money Xyz Reviews {March 2021} Is It Legit Or Fake?

Ix Money Xyz Reviews 2021

Ix Money Xyz Reviews {March 2021} Is It Legit Or Fake? >> Want to earn money creatively investing some time? Read here to find a website & its credibility.

Are you looking for a different way to earn money online? Please read our article Ix Money Xyz Reviewsand learn how much it is valid and safe. The site is functional in the United States and other regions. It is a new type of website that has its pros and cons. How it is profitable and what it claims for must be in your knowledge.

Please read this article and learn more about the website, its utility, and legitimacy.  

What is Ix Money Xyz?

Registered on 17-02-2021, Moneyvu is a website that offers to get money. It claims that users can earn money by watching some promotional videos. It is the website providing easy money to the viewers. As per Ix Money Xyz Reviews, users of different countries & regions, including the United States, can see some advertising videos on their website. The earned amount of money depends on the duration of the timing. It offers 50 cents for a one-minute video. The amount of money can be increased to 2700 dollars every month.


  • Website: moneyvu.xyz
  • Choice of different payment systems are available for the withdrawal of money.
  • Withdrawal is accessible to the bank cards of all foreign banks and bank accounts.
  • Withdrawal of cash is attainable through PayPal and Bitcoin wallets.
  • An additional profit is available when referred to family and friends. 

Let’s see Pros in Ix Money Xyz Reviews

  • Moneyvu will provide a dashboard in which the made earnings is shown. 
  • 40% of the referrals’ pay is transferred to your account.
  • Link of the website can be shared on forums and social networks through SMS, messengers, WhatsApp, e-mail, Telegram. 


  • Lack of authenticity and distinctiveness. 
  • It asks for some personal information of the users.
  • No guarantee of payments.
  • There are numerous similar websites, which provide the same offerings.
  • Reliable and favorable user reviews are only available on the official website. 

The legitimacy of Moneyvu website

The searching of Ix Money Xyz gets redirected to https://moneyvu.xyz/Is Ix Money Xyz Legit is the prime questioned that needed to be answered. It is registered on 17-02-2021 and has a domain age of 12 days only. It has a low trust score with a 2.5-star rating. As per the redirected links’ information, the last payment is made on 02/03/2021, but there is zero credibility about the amount. The site is a scam, as the reviews made it clear that it never enabled money withdrawal. 

Customer reviews

All over the internet, we found plenty of dissatisfaction and complaints from different users of MoneyVu. We have negligible facts that reinforce the legitimacy of this website. 

So conclusion from Ix Money Xyz Reviews makes it clear that this site is a scam. It never allows the user to make an easy withdrawal as there is always an excuse of 30 referrals or $200. Only after some non-attainable conditions, the withdrawal of money is possible. We straggly recommend our readers to be aware of this site as it does not provide what it claims. What are your thoughts on this? Pleases share.

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