Is the Hollie Guard App Safe {Feb 2021} Use & Stay Safe!

Is the Hollie Guard App Safe 2021

Is the Hollie Guard App Safe {Feb 2021} Use & Stay Safe! >> The write-up guides people to understand the application afore downloading it on the smartphone.

Do you feel unsafe traveling to an unknown area? If so, nothing to worry about as Hollie Guard App emerges with necessary safety features.

This application protects an individual from any mishap while walking to an unknown place or working alone. Hollie Guard sets an extra protection level that warns the person from any unwanted incident. 

The people of the United Kingdom and Canada are curious to know, Is the Hollie Guard App Safe or not. This content helps readers to understand the application.

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The fact behind the invention of the Hollie Guard app

In 2014, the ex-partner of Hollie Gazzard, Asher Maslin, murdered her, and this incidence shuddered many with the feel of unsafe during work or travel. This mishap leads to the establishment of the Hollie Gazzard Trust.

The Trust took the initiative to launch an app naming the Hollie Guard app. It aims to make people aware of their safety.

The Trust introduced the application in 2015, and her father, Nick, made a campaign in favor of the application. Since the year of launch, the app got downloaded 27000 times or more. 

What do you feel Is the Hollie Guard App Safe or not?

This free app essential will convert your smartphone into a safe device. After downloading the app, the users can generate an alert by just shaking the phone. These features send your location details and video or audio to those who are in your emergency contacts.

It enables you to get help from your emergency contacts immediately if you are in danger. The app also comes with the following advantages-

  • The app will secretly ring an alarm if you are in danger.
  • An alarm rings that mentions that your location gets tracked. Once you opt for the second shake, it will generate a flashing light with a loud beep.

Features of the app

Once the people of South AfricaAustralia, and the United States start checking Is the Hollie Guard App Safe or not, they must know the features first. 

  • Journey Feature:- It makes your friends and family members come to know about your location. An email or message will reach your emergency contacts as soon as you enter your start and destination points. 
  • Meeting Features:- This feature keeps you safe whenever you are going to meet someone new. 

Reviews of users about Hollie Guard App

The invention of the Hollie Guard App is no doubt a great effort to keep people safe. Before downloading the app, one should check customer reviews to understand, Is the Hollie Guard App Safe or not. 

We have checked many reviews about the app online. The feedback shows mixed reactions about the usefulness of it. Some experienced this application hard to set up on a smartphone. Some notice that this application shows the wrong location. 

However, many are using this application for their kids, and they find it quite useful. 


Hollie Guard App aims to make you feel protected while you work alone at your workplace or traveling. We suggest users do more research before downloading it. 

Have you used Hollie Guard App? What do you think Is the Hollie Guard App Safe?

Please mention your valuable experience in the comment box below. 

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