Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat {March 2021}

Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat 2021

Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat {March 2021} >> This article is about release of a new feature in Roblox, for which every player is waiting.

Roblox is one of the most popular online multiplayer game mostly played by people in the United States. The developer of this game tries to update it from time to time to enjoy it without any interference. But Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat in their gameplay?

With all the updates that already made this game trending, there is one more update on this way, i.e., the introduction of voice chat. That’s why you are here to find out the truth. So let’s find out. 

Why Roblox is a trending game

Roblox is a multiplayer game and contains at least millions of games that you can play and enjoy with your friends. The age factor is a problem as you can find games according to your age

For LEGO character lovers, Roblox is the best choice you got as all the characters are in LEGO forms, and the game play is also straightforward to play. But ‘Is it True that Roblox is Adding Voice Chat? With more and more updates coming every month, people stick to the game and enjoy the new updates. 

What are the best updates of Roblox?

A Roblox user knows that the updates are the reason which makes this game better with time.  Some updates are like a treat to the gamers’ eyes, making them more excited about the game. So here are some of the best updates of Roblox. 

  • Better lighting effect
  • More gears for the avatars 
  • The rating option is available now.
  • More exciting packages and offers.

But the best update is about to come, but there are many queries regarding the update that Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat

Will this feature be fun?

Online games are fun when you can talk with your partner and makeup strategies and plans. Some games are famous for its graphics and voice chat system. 

So people who are habitual of playing the Roblox game want this feature to enjoy the gameplay and connect with their friends. Many people texted the game developers for the voice chat feature, but now let’s see that Roblox has come up with the voice chat feature or hype-up news. 

Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat

The Roblox is a very famous game in the United States, and in the earlier ages, the only communication method in the game was through texts. As per the chief engineer of Roblox, they are working on communication through voice chat in the game. 

The Roblox Company releases no official date about the new update of voice chat. The company checks all the safety aspects first so that the communication won’t get leaked or put someone in the harmful situation. So as the company releases no official date regarding the update, it is hard to say how effective the voice chat will be. 


With all the above information and fact, Is It True that Roblox Is Adding Voice Chat is sure but the company mentions no official date. Without the official date, we can only wait for next update.

Are you a Roblox user? If yes, then tell us your favorite game which you like to play all the time in the below comment section.

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