Is Clothukoutlet Scam or Legit {Dec} Check Fair Reviews!

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Check out the authenticity of the portal and answer to Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit with Reviews.

Looking for a reliable Clothukoutlet authenticity? You are in the right place. We strive to provide accurate insights on various websites, including Are you from the United Kingdom and uncertain about its legitimacy or authenticity? Unsure whether to trust your investment? 

We have got you covered with an in-depth assessment of Clothukoutlet. Our goal is to help you determine if it’s genuine or fraudulent. Explore our review of to know answer to Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit and clear your doubts and make an informed decision before proceeding.

Find the details of Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit:

We are detailing the authenticity of the website and absolutely, you’re at the right place. In our website review, we’ll break down whether Clothukoutlet deserves your trust. Our comprehensive section below contains unbiased, 100% verifiable reviews, providing clear insights to help you make an informed decision about this website’s credibility.

  • The whois record mentions that On December 1, 2023, the website was officially registered
  • Website holds the trust score as 6 on 100 (very low) according to scam adviser, indicating certain factors that users might want to consider.
  • For Clothukoutlet Reviews On WHOIS the website’s owner identity is hidden
  • The visitors flow is very less.
  • The website belongs to a high risk country
  • Many low rated websites are captured on the same server
  • The registration is very recent of the website.

About the website:

Clothukoutlet operates as an e-commerce hub specializing in various categories such as BEST SELLERS, MEN’S SWEATSHIRT, MEN’S PANTS, WOMEN’S SKIRTS. They offer an array of products including Autumn Men’s Winter Sweater, Turtleneck Solid Mens, Men’s, Winter Lamb Wool Polar Fleece Coat Thicken for Men, and more.

Benefits of this website include for Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit:

  • Possession of a SSL Certificate (valid), ensuring HTTPS for consumer safety.
  • Clear and accessible policies for customers, covering contact information like email and phone number. Canceling orders for a refund is possible if done before dispatch; however, cancellations aren’t accepted after dispatch.
  • Multiple payment options available, including MasterCard and Visa.

Shortcomings of Clothukoutlet Reviews:

  • The website has a notably low trust score of 6/100 on scamadviser, contributing to trust issues among users.
  • The website has lack of social media association that diminishes its credibility.
  • The website’s domain is relatively new, created on December 1, 2023, raising concerns about its authenticity and the possibility of it being a scam.
  • The limited collection or display of products, approximately 20-30 items, prompts hesitation when considering purchases.

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Clothukoutlet Website Vital and Accurate Information:

  • Portal Name: Clothukoutlet
  • Number to contact is not available
  • Email to contact:
  • Address to contact know for Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit: Room no – 104 -1-F, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Enterprise Building – Hong Kong
  • Product Types: Men Sweater Autumn Winter Crewneck Casual Long, Autumn Winter Men’s Sweater Mens Turtleneck Solid, and more.
  • Payment Options: Visa & MasterCard 
  • Delivery Time: Within 1 to 4 working days, they allow for control of quality and optimal shipment arrangement.
  • Return Policy: Orders can be canceled for a refund if contacted before dispatch. No cancellations are accepted after dispatch.
  • Social Media Links: Not affiliated with any social media platforms.
  • Factors Indicating Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit say age of the website: Established on December 1, 2023.
  • Discounts and Offers: Unbelievably steep price reductions may signal potential fraudulent activity on the website.
  • Trust Score: Rated at 6/100 on scamadviser, indicating low trustworthiness.
  • Legitimacy of Contact Address: Room no – 104, 1/F, 228-238 Queen’s Road Central, Enterprise Building, Hong Kong.
  • Absence of customer reviews raises questions regarding the site’s credibility.
  • Legitimacy of Email ID:
  • Orders can only be canceled for a refund before dispatch, with no cancellations accepted after dispatch.

Clothukoutlet Reviews:

The reviews are not present for the portal and hence it indicates the absence of trust amongst buyers.


Based on our thorough investigation, we have concluded the website may pose a scam risk. Hence, we advise viewers against making hasty purchases from Clothukoutlet. Why take the risk if there’s a possibility of it being a scam? 

If you’re considering a purchase and seeking answer to Is Clothukoutlet Scam Or Legit, we, as advocates for consumer safety, recommend delving into the website’s history in depth. If time is a constraint, our article provides detailed and accurate information to guide your decision. Additionally, for further information on potential, you can watch here on Zero Thought. Also share your comments with us.

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