Is Actorwa Legit [May 2021] Checkout The Reviews Now!

Is Actorwa Legit 2021

Is Actorwa Legit [May 2021] Checkout The Reviews Now! -> Please read the content to understand that this website be trusted for buying fitness balls.

Everyone in this world likes to be fit according to their wish. People who are old in age find it difficult to go to gym or do any much strenuous exercise at home. So people of that age of only likes to do exercise with The fitness balls which we could often see in the gym.

This website origins in United States And was created on December 28th, 2020. The products in this website helps the customer to maintain their body shape and the Aqua pressure muscles of the body. While purchasing the customers are always in a question that Is Actorwa Legit or a scam. 

Is Actorwa a trustworthy website?

Knowing about the legitimacy of a website is first right of the customer and no website could hide any of their cons from the customer. 

  • This website was created on 28th of December 2020 which makes the website not much older to be trusted.
  • According to the scam advisor ratings the trust score is only 56%.
  • The website is selling the products in a very decent price.
  • Actorwa Reviews were are not available on the website for any of the product by the customers. 
  • To contact the website there would be following methods:-
  1. The phone number:-  (205) 224-8657
  2. The Email:-
  3. Contact:- Mike Ryan 
  4. Official adders:- 2023 N 1st Ave, Birmingham, AL 35203 United States. 

What is Actorwa?

Actorwa is a website that deals in all kind of fitness balls for exercises to be conducted in the house. This website presents different kind of beautiful and astonishing fitness balls that too with a high-quality. The product available in this website are of a decent price. During the festive seasons the website allows high discounts on its product. 

Specifications according to Actorwa Reviews?

The store would be specified by the following reasons.

  • Type of website:- this is a store that sells fitness balls.
  • mailing address:-
  • Shipping Tome:- Within 10 to 15 business days.
  • Shipping cost:- There will be free delivery for all the products.
  • Refund policy:- The money could be refund within 7 to 10 days.
  • payment options:- The payment could be done through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa.

Pros of Actorwa?

  • All the information to contact the website is available.
  • The website has a certificate of SSL.

Cons of Actorwa?

  • The domain age of the website is not very much it is even less than six months.
  • The information regarding this website has many negative expects on the internet.
  • This website is not very popular.
  • The Alexa rank of the website is 4,626,559.

The measures used above for describing the pros and cons of the website are made with the help of the following website.

Customer choice?

Now the question arises that Is Actorwa Legit. We could not categorize this website as a scam or Legit but we could say that this website is suspicious as the information for this website is not much in favour but it has many negative aspects for the website.

Customer must not go for a website that is suspicious and have a low domain age. Instead of that the customer must go for a website that is a bit older with plenty of positive customer reviews. 

What are Actorwa Reviews

The customers have not shared dear experience about the website because the website is new. This website is not complete it six months and there are not much visitors for the website. After viewing same on the Facebook we could not find any Facebook page for this website which make us more clear that this website is not safe to use. 

The website need some time to grow so that people start to generate trust on this website. This will help the website to remove all the negative reviews for the website. 


After this we could easily answer the question that Is Actorwa Legit? We could say that this website is not Legit but suspicious and we must give some time to the website to grow and make up its stand with positive aspects instead of so many negative aspects. 

We suggest to all the readers that they do not buy any product from this website as it is suspicious and there could be some chances of fraud. Other than that there are many other responsible websites through which we can get the same product that too with good prices and discounts.

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