IRS Error Department (March) Everything You Need To Know

IRS Error Department 2021

IRS Error Department (March) Everything You Need To Know >> The write-up shares details about the department in IRS that looks after the error in tax returns of taxpayers.

Tax Payers in the United States need to rectify their tax return errors with the IRS Error Department. Taxpayers need to file the amended return with the Internal Revenue Service, and failing may lead to interest and unnecessary penalties. The amended return is either filed with the help of professionals or online. 

Every year IRS issues millions of error notices to the taxpayers. The type of error may impact the overall size of the tax return and refund. However, the number of mistakes taxpayers are making is gradually reducing, owing to the error department’s establishment.   

What is the IRS Error Department?

The Error Department is the crucial wing of the Internal Revenue Service in the United States. The department takes care of the error and audits the taxpayers’ tax returns. Every year the department pinpoints different types of errors in the tax return of the taxpayers. 

The department is also liable for sending notice for tax return audit. So, taxpayers put all their efforts into preparing their tax return and evaluate them thoroughly before filing. The department sends a statement and gives a grace period for filing the amended return with the IRS. If the taxpayer fails to file the amended return within the timeframe, it may lead to penalties and fines. 

So, IRS Error Department is liable for checking the tax returns’ errors and notifying the taxpayers about the mistakes to make necessary changes quickly.   

What Does the Department do when there is a Tax Return Error?

  • Correcting Math Error – Math error is the most common error in tax returns. The department rectifies the math error on the tax return and notifies the taxpayer what is corrected and how it can impact the return and refund. 
  • Disagreeing the Math Error – The taxpayer has the right to disagree with the math error and send a notice within sixty days of receiving details about the IRS error. The taxpayer needs to send supportive details with an abatement request, showcasing why the error proposal is incorrect. If the IRS Error Department agrees, IRS will reverse the error.  

What Tax Payer Do when IRS Makes the Mistake?

Please remember, IRS will never email or call you to notify you about the error in your tax return, mostly if it is done from IRS. If the error on your tax return is from IRS, you must mention the error and accompany your return with documentation to prove that your tax return is accurate. 


So, if you are the taxpayer and prepare for filing the tax return 2021, check the paperwork before filing the return. It will ensure that you are filing the return without error which may lead to unnecessary penalties.

Do you have anything to add about the error department? Please share your views about the IRS Error Department in the comment section.  

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