How to Uninstall Webview Update (Mar) Read To Fix It!

How to Uninstall Webview Update 2021

How to Uninstall Webview Update (Mar) Read To Fix It! >> Are you still facing trouble with Android applications? Readout this post, as it shared the easy solution to fix it soon.

How to Uninstall Webview Update? Are you also facing the issue of crashing Android applications? We have a simple fix for you.

Recently, Android users from Australia, the United KingdomCanada, the United StatesIndia, and other countries, were seen facing Android applications in the device. Reports say that the new update of the Android WebView application was at fault. Some alternatives have been found to stop your apps from crashing. 

Anyone facing this trouble can read our article to resolve the issue instantly.

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What is Android WebView Application?

Before telling you How to Uninstall Webview Update, we would like to brief you on the usage of this app. 

Android WebView is a pre-installed application powered by Chrome that helps you in smoothly displaying web content. This essential component must be kept up to date to ensure smooth functioning, the latest security updates, and other bug fixes. It is basically like an app that works within applications.

The strange issue that popped up recently was due to this application.

What happened?

Android users had started calling out mobile companies for their devices, acting bizarre. Android applications were, all of a sudden, crashing. News spread that the reason behind all this was the new update of the WebView app, and How to Uninstall Webview Update was the most common question asked by the users. 

All the third-party applications that used web content were facing trouble. Chrome told The Verge that they were aware of the problem caused by WebView’s new update. 

Fortunately, a new update for this application was launched that resolved the issue. However, many users claimed that the new update was not installing.

We have a fantastic troubleshooting tip for you in the next section, in case you are also unable to install the new update of WebView.

How to Uninstall Webview Update?

Follow the given steps to resolve the issue immediately:

  • Go to the Settings of your Android phone
  • Select Applications section
  • Browse Android System WebView
  • You will then either get the uninstall updates option directly, or you will find the same option by clicking on three dots on the top-right corner
  • You must be able to run applications that otherwise were causing trouble smoothly.

People Reviews:

The Verge tweeted to spread the news of the new update of WebView that fixed the technical issues. To this, most people replied that the update could not be installed. A few people also attached the screenshots to prove their point.

Some users also mentioned that a significant issue was resolved, but some minor bug fixes were still required. 


How to Uninstall Webview Update– now you must know! You need not worry if some of the apps on your phone are suddenly crashing. Android users from around the world are facing the same issue.

WebView app update caused a lot of trouble, and fortunately, a new update with bug fixes was released by Google. And if you are also unable to install this update, you can try our troubleshooting tip to improve things temporarily. 

So, was this article helpful? Did the issue get resolved? Comment down below.

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