How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021 (Feb) Read To Know More!

How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021

How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021 (Feb) Read To Know More!-> Want to register your name to mars? Learn how you can book your ticket to Mars and become famous.

How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021? As you would probably know, NASA’s Mars mission is accompanied by a small Send Your Name to Mars campaign. 

NASA allows people from the United KingdomIrelandUnited StatesCanadaAustralia and other global countries to register and get a chance to take their names to Mars with the next Mars mission’s rover. 

Currently, Perseverance carries almost 10 million names of people on Mars. The rover landed safely on Mars on 18 February 2021 and was a proud moment for all.

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Perseverance carrying 10 Million names:

You want to know How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021 and learn about the same for 2020.

The Mars 2020 mission that NASA launched in July 2020 is successfully taking place in 2021. Mars mission consists of the rover Perseverance and a small robotic helicopter named Ingenuity. Perseverance is 10 feet long, 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall.

The registrations for the Mars 2020 mission were closed in September 2019. The Administration received 10 million names globally to be taken to mars. The rover is sending high-quality pictures with increased clarity.

How are the names sent?

To know How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021, you should also know how your name is sent to Mars. 

The 10 million names are carried by Perseverance on three micro-chips. At Jet Propulsion Lab, the engineers stencilled all the words using electron beams onto the chips. The writing is less than 1 micron, much less than a single human hair strand’s width. The chips themselves are of the size of a fingernail. 

And apart from this, Perseverance carries 155 essays of the finalists of the essay contest titled ‘Name the Rover’ and conducted by NASA.

How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021?

Even if you have lost your opportunity to send your name to Mars with Perseverance, you need not worry. NASA has opened the registration for ‘Send Your Name to Mars’ for future Mars missions. 

All you have to do is visit NASA’s original website and enter your details, including your full name, country name, postal code, and email address (optional). The names are accepted globally, so you can feel free to register. Once you register yourself successfully, the organization will automatically stencil your name on its next mission.

Customer Reviews:

Everyone found it amusing and exciting to know that their names are currently on another planet even though the writing is less than 1 micron. Participants showed off their boarding passes on social media platforms.

One participant mentioned that everybody laughed when she used to say that she has booked her ticket to Mars, and now she is asking them to guess who was wrong. One couple mentioned that they are currently miles away on Earth but happy to know that they will be together on Mars.

Final Verdict:

 Now you know How to Send Your Name to Mars 2021; what else are you waiting for? Go straight to the website and register yourself.

Isn’t this thought of sending your name to Mars exciting? Did you register for Mars Mission 2020? Comment down below.

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