How To Get Nickname in Roblox (April 2021) Know Here!

How To Get Nickname in Roblox 2021

How To Get Nickname in Roblox (April 2021) Know Here! >> Read this article to reveal the facts related to the new Roblox update where the players have the option to change their nickname.

Are you also looking out for the ways to change the nick name in Roblox? This new feature is added recently in the game. Roblox has been operating since quite long, and also is ranked at the top in popularity and preferences. This has witnessed a potential growth since its launch, and are adding up new features regularly to make the platform more interesting. 

In this article, we have summed some essential details regarding How to Get a Nickname in Roblox, as there are many related searches for this in the United States. Scroll down the article to know all the relevant facts!

What is Roblox?

Roblox, as known by most of us is an online gaming platform developed and launched by the Roblox Corporation. It allows the players to design and build a game, and also gives the option to other players to enjoy the same. Roblox is a free to play game, and is available with in-game purchase with a digital currency, Robux.

 Being the most loved platform worldwide, the platform witness some or the other changes and upgradations frequently, How to Get a Nickname in Roblox being one of them. 

Estimated in the Last August 2020, the platform has registered around 164 million players worldwide. Most of the players are under 16 age of children from the United States. This gaming platform can be accessed from Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Classis macOS, and Fire OS. The game has multiple modes, single player video game and multi-player video game. 

Scroll to get the details of how you can change the nickname in the game. 

How to Get a Nickname in Roblox?

All the players might be aware of the facts that the platform charged 1000 Robux earlier to change the username, and this 1000 robux cost around $12. This was not much appreciated by the players and the game has now released an update for the same.

Under this, the players have an option to change their display name, and that too without any cost. But the only limitation is that it can only be changed once in a week. Thus, update is available in Germany and some parts of Europe, estimated to released worldwide soon. 

To all those who have an access to this update of How to Get a Nickname in Roblox, they need to log in to their account, go to account setting, and select the display name option from display name and Username. The feature also gives the option where two players can have the same display name. 

What is the difference between username and display name?

Display names are visible to the other players while in a match and won’t affect the username. Username will only thus be used to log in to the Roblox Account. The display name does not have to be unique, as two players can have the same nick name. But it can only be changed once in 7 days. 

Final Verdict:

This article revealed some essential facts about How to Get a Nickname in Roblox informing the players the steps of how they can change their nick name or the display name. this feature is though not available for the players worldwide, but is assumed to launch soon. 

Have you changed your name yet? Are you also linked with this platform? Please share your views about this update in the comments section below!

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