How To Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? – Know!

How To Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed.

How To Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? – Know! >> This article shares the details about the frauds and steps to get your money back by knowing every scam aspect.

Online shopping and online payments are the most trending thing after this pandemic. Are you also interested in online shopping and proceed payments via online mode? 

But have you ever wondered that this could lead you towards big scams? Unfortunately, people all over the world are experiencing credit card scams via various modes. There are several credit cards, such as Visa Card, MasterCard, so the article shares the information related to them.

We need to be aware of all such situations before claiming any reward or using the transaction as a credit card. So, please stay tuned to grab all the essential facts regarding credit card scams, and also about How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

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What is Credit Card Fraud?

Credit card scam is the most common scam done by fraud people. The fraud is done by acquiring credit card details via various mediums. While entering the card number and personal details, the money is deducted from the existing limit, and you are asked to pay it back.

In other words, Credit card fraud is exactly using the card on scam websites or purchasing stuff from scam sites. Although the owner does not complete the transaction yet, the third party ensures that the money is transferred.

Types of Credit Card Fraud

There are several types by which you may experience this scam. 

  • POS Fraud – In this, the small skimming device is attached to a normal device to steal the data of the ATM card. It is done with the help of storage devices that sell your details, and the small camera captures the PIN on the device.
  • Phishing – In this type, the links are used to get your money. The false links are shared with the help of mail or text message, which looks like legit mail from the bank. When you click on the link, they ask for the card number and OTP. Once you enter them, the money is deducted.
  • Keystroke Logging – It is done by the scam software that is downloaded on your mobile via different means while surfing the internet. The software records all the passwords and details and transfers them to the creator.
  • Theft or Loss of Card – If your card is lost or stolen by someone, there are high chances that you may experience fraud. Getting a PIN with the help of a card is easy.

We have acknowledged the ways by which you can be cheated, but to be safe from these frauds, continue reading How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

Detecting and Fending Off Credit Card Fraud

To stay safe from such fraud, you need to be aware of a few things.

You need to add a routine to check the details of your card expenses. For example, check details using the bank application or ask for a hard copy every month. Read carefully and verify all the payments done are done by you or not.

Reporting the Credit Card Fraud to Law Enforcement

If you detect card fraud by any means, you need to take some major steps to get your money back or make yourself safe from future frauds.

You have to report to the bank and file and FIR in the nearby police station. You can also register your complaint on the official site of CYBER CELL. But launching the FIR in the police station is necessary as they also process your complaint to Cyber Cell, and also all the verification is done with the help of local stations.

How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed?

  • If you have experienced fraud or paid charged for one product multiple times and worried about that you will get your back or not, the first thing you should do is raise a dispute.
  • After raising it, inform your bank branch about the scam and share the exact scenario. Ask them to revert your transaction if possible.
  • If the complaint is filed within few hours of the transaction, there is a hope to get your money back with the help of a bank.
  • If you are scammed using any shopping portal, it is quite difficult to get back the money, but still raising dispute immediately can stop the transaction or revert it, but there are no 100% chance to get them back. Also, do not forget to report the transaction as a scam.
  • Also, Contact the Site and ask for the explanation about the last transaction and its details.
  • Collect your records that where you have placed the order or initiated the payment using a credit card.
  • Get Proof of the payment done by you by collecting the screenshots and also the fraud message or mail through which you have detected the fraud. Having valid proof for this very important to claims the money back or stop the payment and revert it.

Protecting Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

The article is about How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? will also share some basic points to protect yourself from credit card fraud. 

  • Stay attentive while processing any payment using the card on the unknown applications.
  • Protect all your bank passwords and PIN, and wallets on your phone with extra safety. Do not allow every app to read the data of the phone.
  • Check Other Customer Experiences before purchasing anything from online stores, and do not save the card details on any application to lower down the burden of entering every time. Entering details every single time could take some extra time but could lead you toward a safer path.
  • Call your credit card to ask for a chargeback – The advantage of a credit card is that you get some reward points or an easy refund while making a purchase. But in this case, call the bank and ask for reward points and refunds instead of clicking on the random links and trusting fraud platforms to raise a dispute.

The Nation-wise Guide – Learn More

Every country has different laws to punish the cheater. It is essential to know about How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? at your location.


RBI has generated guidelines to stay safe from frauds. According to the guidelines, the following procedure takes place.

  • The victim files the FIR, and the copy of this report is submitted to the bank.
  • Once the submission is done, the chargeback is started, and an investigation is done. It may take several months to find the actual person behind it.
  • If the victim is innocent, then the money is transferred back. 
  • But in this case, the chances increase if the complaint is filed soon after the fraud. If you take more than 81 days to file a complaint, the chance of getting money back is nearly zero.


The citizens over there are always asked to protect the card by themselves, and the ACC claims many laws. But if the citizen has faced fraud, they are asked to contact the company for this and ask for chargeback instead of going to the bank.

If the company rejects the file, only the user can raise the dispute with the help of AFCA (Australian Financial Complaint Authority)

United Kingdom 

The laws of the country are very strict towards fraud and online scams. The customers use section 75 of CCAL to raise the refund back by providing the required proofs. 

United States

If you face credit card fraud in the US, then firstly contact the company and ask for the explanation. If the staff does not respond to the complaint, collect the proof of rejection or no response after a week.

File the complaint to the credit card company and wait till further investigation. The card company sees all the factors, and if you are proved innocent, the refund is initiated.


In Canada, you can directly raise a dispute in the bank and merchandise together.

And wait till the investigation completes. There are higher chances to get money back soon if you share the transaction details with the bank. The online sites for various cards can help you get details of all steps you need to follow to get your money back.

The Bottom Line

As the trend of online shopping increases, the threat of fraud also increases. This article has shared about How to Get Refund From Credit Card If Scammed? and the other piece of information to keep you updated and safe from a scam.

The attentive nature is essential during net banking and paying via credit card bills. 

Have you ever faced such fraud? Share your opinion in the comment section below to help others stay safe. All the details according to the different country laws regarding the Credit Card scams are shared. Moreover, we are ready to assist you always with the solution, in case you do not get the refund. 

Rather than credit card online fraud, there are PayPal Scams about which you also need to know.

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