How To Get Money-back If You Paid Via Bank Transfer?

How To Get Money-back If You Paid Via Bank Transfer 2021.

How To Get Money-back If You Paid Via Bank Transfer? >> This article tells you about the procedure related to getting a refund for a faulty transaction via bank transfer.

Scam and fraudulent websites have become increasingly common. There’s no shortage of websites that will go to any lengths to rob users of their sensitive data and money. If you were to look up websites where branded items are available at incredibly cheap prices, you’d likely run into scam websites. That’s why you must know the answer to How To Get Money-back If You Paid via Bank Transfer?

Scam sites make users pay them in return for a commodity at a cheap price, but users get troubled when that commodity never arrives. If you have recently made any faulty transaction, don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. 

What is a Bank Transfer?

The name is pretty self-explanatory; bank transfer means any monetary transaction made directly from one bank account to another account with or without the assistance of any third-party service.

It allows users to transfer funds directly from one bank account to another quickly without any inconvenience. They are also often called wire transfers and are among the oldest methods of sending money still in use today. 

What is a Faulty Bank Transfer?

A faulty bank transfer is a transaction that the account owner did not intend to make, made it by accident, or did not authorize the transaction. Users often make faulty transactions and end up losing their money. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we’re here to help you. 

There are many scenarios where users may make an undesired transaction. Scam websites often trick people into paying them money. After realizing their mistake, users then search for methods to get their money back. Users also often accidentally send the money to a different bank account by entering the wrong bank number.

About Bank Transfer Refunds

One can request for a refund up to 100 % of a bank transfer. Multiple partial refunds of a bank transfer can also be requested, but the sum should not exceed 100 % of the exact bank transfers. 

Types of Refunds

  • Follow-on Refunds: It uses details and information from a previous bank transfer.
  • Stand-alone Refunds: It does not have to do anything with the previous bank transfer. 

How To Get Money-back If You Paid via Bank Transfer? 

If you have made any transaction via bank transfer that you want to reverse, you have several options at your disposal. However, getting refunds for bank transfers isn’t as simple as getting refunds for other payment modes like online payment, credit or debit cards. 

The process for direct bank wire transfers is slightly complicated and maybe time taking. You don’t need to fret because you’ll find the entire procedure of getting a refund below.

There’s no single guaranteed method of getting refunds that are applicable globally. Every country has different rules, regulations, and laws about banking activities and other monetary dealings. We’re going to mention this procedure specifically for some different countries below.

United States

  • The chances of reversing your transaction and getting your money back, especially from scammers, is slim.
  • The quickest method would be to contact your bank right away after making the payment if you have accidentally sent the money to the wrong account.
  • You can contact your bank and tell them about the details of the transaction and request a refund.
  • The transaction can be reversed if both the parties involved and both the banks agree to this request, which won’t happen if you’re dealing with scammers.
  • Also, some scammers operate outside the jurisdiction of the US, getting money back from them is highly unlikely.
  • How To Get Money-back If You Paid via Bank Transfer? Contact your bank, and they may be able to help you.

United Kingdom

  • If you have wired the money to someone, you likely won’t get your money back.
  • If you have paid money to scammers, contact your bank and inform them about this transaction.
  • Ask your bank for a refund, and they may approve or deny it based on the nature of the transaction. This method is your best bet at getting the money back.
  • If you don’t like the bank’s response, you can file a complaint or reach out to concerned authorities.


  • Wire transfers are among the old-fashioned methods of sending money.
  • Getting refunds for bank transfers is quite complicated, and the likelihood of a successful transaction is slim.
  • Contact your bank and tell them about the details of this transaction.
  • They will inform you whether it’s possible to get a refund.


  • Contact your bank immediately after making the transaction. If you contact them quickly, they’ll be able to help you instantly.
  • Ask your bank for a reference number so you can quickly reach them again about your case.
  • You can get your money back for mistaken transactions and unauthorized payments if you contact the bank within ten days.
  • How To Get Money-back If You Paid via Bank Transfer? We have mentioned it above. It’s also advised to take measures to protect yourself from scams.


  • You can get your money back if the person you accidentally sent the money to agrees to reverse the transaction.
  • The process will be quicker if you have accounts in the same bank.
  • If the beneficiary refuses to return the amount, you can pursue legal routes.

How to Report Scams?

  • If you have fallen prey to a scam, you can help others by reporting this scam.
  • Ensure that you have optimum security measures to protect yourself from scams, and you’re smart when it comes to online shopping.
  • Contact the concerned legal authorities like the police or the cyber cell and give them all the scam details.
  • Spread awareness and expose this scam on social media, so other people don’t fall for it.
  • Read more about bank transfers or wire transfers here.

Final Verdict

Online scams are getting cleverer and more elaborate every day, and even smart and aware users are falling prey to them. Scams either make you pay money or steal your banking information and authorize transactions on their own, and you may lose money. If any such faulty transaction has occurred at your end recently, you can still get your money back. How To Get Money-back If You Paid via Bank Transfer? We have mentioned all the helpful procedures here; kindly look at them. 

Have you ever scammed via bank transfer? Have you got your refund? Let us know how these methods work out for you in the comments section. We are glad to assist you and are ready to help you out with the solution, in case you have not got the refund. Also, learn here everything about the online scams and how to protect from them.

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