Hiring Development Company: A Guide for Nonprofits

Complete Information About Hiring Development Company A Guide for Nonprofits

The key problem for nonprofits is the lack of programming experience. Most nonprofits help various individuals or advocate for social change according to some ideology. Simultaneously, they need to establish a presence online to be visible. Outsourcing web development companies are a perfect solution to the outlined problem. In this article, we look at the key reasons to choose such firms for nonprofits and describe the key steps to hiring them. Software development for non-profits is a well-developed sector that can greatly help you.

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What do web development companies for nonprofits offer?

Web development for nonprofits makes sense because most nonprofits don’t have the relevant programming experience. Even coder-oriented companies often focus on helping the specialists rather than on development. Web development businesses for nonprofits solve this issue by offering professional coding services. Where can you use them? 

  • Firstly, they’re perfect for creating websites for nonprofits. A website is essential in becoming a web citizen and establishing influence online. 
  • Secondly, they help create web apps for various tasks. If you want to create a service for helping refugees or teaching English, web app developers are perfect. 
  • Lastly, you can use them to transition the web services to the mobile segment. Many web developers also work with web platforms that enable cross-platform performance (like Node.js). This means you can use them to make your app as widespread as possible.

Tips to Choose Web Development Company for nonprofits

We believe several ‘tricks’ can help you find a good company for web development. What should you look at? The first thing to consider is experience. The more years a company is in the field, the better its quality is likely to be. This rule doesn’t always work, but longevity is often (and we repeat, often) a sign of success. If a company is a newcomer on the market, the experience of the developers can also be a major sign of success. As for the second vital thing to consider, the portfolio of a business is crucial. Look at the past projects of the company in question. Potent businesses usually are open about their successes and even share the testimonies of previous clients. Experience and ability to develop a project that suits your needs are the key factors to consider in this case.

Questions to ask a web development company for nonprofits before you begin your project

Several questions can be of great help:

  1.  How much experience do you have?
  2. Have you ever developed an app/website of the type we want?
  3. Have you ever worked with non-profits?
  4. What is the price of the service? Is it above or below the market offering?
  5. How long will the development take?
  6. Who are the developers of the project? How many years of experience do they have?


All in all, the presented review indicates that web development for non-profits is not as difficult as it may seem. Many companies are ready to fill the niche of web and even mobile development. Are you interested in such services? In that case, a good idea is to try the services of companies like KeenEthics. You can find their website via this link.

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