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High Side Electric Reviews (Feb) Find About The Company

High Side Electric Reviews (Feb) Find About The Company -> Get to know what customers are saying about a small-sized electrical contract company.

Do you want to know about an electric contract company offering various services around the clock? If so, then do read on today’s post, High Side Electric Reviews

Here we are sharing essential details of the company. If you’re someone looking for electrical contractors in the state of Arizona in the United States, then you may consider going through today’s post to find out if this company is worth your time. 

Read this article as we lay down all the essential info. 

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What is High Side Electric? 

Before we let you know what type of High Side Electric Reviews customers share online, let’s discuss this company. 

It is an electric contact company in the United States with a team of contractors who specialize in electrical work involving medium and high voltage. Everything from the installation of wire and cable to transformer work, the company claims to offer a wide array of services. 

The company was founded in the year of 2012. As per the info, the company offers round-the-clock services. 

According to a few websites, this company is small with 3 employees working for it. People who want to know more detailed info about the company can visit the company’s official website. 

Continue reading this post to learn the specifications of the company. Also, we’ll be letting you know about the High Side Electric Reviews that customers are leaving online. 

Specifications of High Side Electric:

  • Company name – High Side Electric LLC
  • Company address – 12821 S 186th Ave Buckeye, AZ, 85326
  • Company phone number – 6233297152
  • No. of employees – 3

What type of High Side Electric Reviews are people sharing online? 

Before hiring electric contractors, you should take a look at the type of reviews people are leaving online. This is a great way to find out if the company’s services are worth the money. We checked the company’s reviews online to gain an understanding and find out what customers were saying about the electric services offered. 

However, we could not find any proper review that would paint a nice picture for the company and its services. Despite looking at forums and social media posts, we could not find any positive reviews. We did however find a few negative reviews in which the customer is calling the company bad and urging others to refrain from using their services. 

Concluding remarks

In today’s Bad High Side Electric reviews post, we share plenty of valuable information about the company. We also list the details like the company’s address and phone number. 

The reviews give an indication that the company does not have a great reputation. Also, currently, the site is not accessible, which makes it appear quite suspicious. 

Have you used the services of this company? Do share your answer with us. Also, let us know what your views are on today’s post by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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  1. This guy “High Side Electric” ought not be in business. If I have it my way, he won’t be. He’s stolen PPP money, (fraud) insulated hunger people & is an accused pedophile. What more can you possibly need to determine what kind of company this is?


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