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The article Heike Anime Monogatari is about a recently launched anime series and its origin. Do read the article if you want to know about anime.

Do you watch Anime? Are you an avid fan of Anime? What is Heike Monogatari? Which Anime has been released recently? To know the answer, please read the article.

Heike Monogatari is an anime released on 16th September 2021. Anime is a Worldwide trend these days, and people love watching Anime. This newly aired Anime is receiving great reviews, and fans are waiting for the new episodes to air. Hang in there as we start the discussion on Heike Anime Monogatari.

The Heike Tale

This Anime is based on old folklore. The events described by the monks in their chanting are believed to be true. It is said to be an epic account (when the tale of extraordinary people is described orally by the people over time as a lengthy poem). 

Heike tale was said to have complied before the civil war between the Minamoto clan and the Taira clan. The original text has twelve chapters, and in those chapters, the whole struggle between both of the clans was described. 

Based on these texts of Heike tales, a TV series called Heike Anime Monogatari has been released.

TV series Heike Monogatari

In the previous paragraph, we discussed the origin and theme of the Heike tales. Heike Monogatari is a television series on an epic account, and the series’ first episode was aired on 16th September 2021.  

The plot of the anime series is portrayed through the viewpoint of Biwa. Biwa was an orphan girl who made her living through music, and she was visually impaired.  However, Biwa was gifted with psychic abilities. The Taira clan later accepted her because of her abilities. Upon her meeting with an important clan member, she prophesied their future.

Heike Anime Monogatari 

Television series commenced their release on 16th September this year. The total number of episodes or installments is still unknown. It is a Japanese anime, and the series is streaming on Fuji TV and Funimation. 

Ratings of the series are unknown. The episode’s duration is 22 minutes. The genre of the anime is Historical, supernatural, and war action. The show’s producers are Asmik Ace, Fuji TV, Pony Canyon, Bilibili, Dentsu, and BS Fuji.

Two episodes of the series have been released so far. Naoko Yamada directed the series, and the scriptwriter was Reiko Yoshida. The original translator of the Heike Monogatari is Hideo Furukawa.

Heike Anime Monogatari ratings are good. It has a 7.4/10 rating as per IMDB. So far, on average, the series has been rated 7/10 by different websites. The plot is interesting and watch-worthy.


The television series ‘Heike Monogatari’ has received good ratings and reviews. Fans all Worldwide can enjoy this show. If you like watching anime, then Heike Monogatari is a nice show to watch. Two released episodes are received by the audience hands-on, and praises for the show are pouring in.

If you want to know in-depth about the tale of Heike, click on the link here.  

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