Great Suspender Chrome Malware (Feb) Know The Details!

Great Suspender Chrome Malware 2021

Great Suspender Chrome Malware (Feb) Know The Details! -> It would help if you were smart and informed while using chrome extensions. Why are we saying it? You can read our post and get to the bottom of it!

Many people worldwide use Google chrome and its extensions. Do you also use the same for your internet surfing and browsing purposes? Today, we bring the details about Great Suspender Chrome Malware that is trending on social media platforms and news articles. Are you interested in knowing details to avoid malware in your system? Please keep on reading our post!

The malware issue is concerning and shocking to everybody. However, some countries like Australia, the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom are experiencing malware issues to a great extent. Considering the above analysis, we think it is essential to put forth the crucial details for you to understand! Kindly continue perusing our article and share your views at the end!

What is Great Suspender Chrome Malware?

The Great Suspender is an extension that is available on Google Chrome. Earlier, countless people globally were using the extension for specific purposes. However, they all have recently received a notification illustrating that Google is disabling the extension for malware. 

What’s the update?

According to the latest updates, Google has permanently disabled Great Suspender Extension for malware. You cannot use the extension any longer, and even you install it, you are risking the system for significant trojan viruses. 

Is there any alternative?

As you know, Google never dissatisfies its users. It has launched a new extension named WORKONA that will you safely suspend the Chrome Tabs. The new extension will work against Great Suspender Chrome Malware. Nonetheless, it comes with a new feature that permits you to recover the lost tabs without opening the history. 

What were the issues with Great Suspender?

Google has not released any statement that supports the malware claims. Therefore, the technical experts are not considering Great Suspender a threat to Google Chrome. The fundamental issues are:

  • Some people are worried that the new user intends to insert malicious content into the extension. The experts are saying that it is a common occurrence.
  • Great Suspender made some changes without informing Google. Besides, the modifications illustrate that a third-party has easy access to the database. In this manner, google claimed that Great Suspender Chrome Malware is true. 
  • Great Suspender’s owner failed to address people’s issue from Australia, the United StatesCanada, and the United Kingdom

Our Final Thoughts:

Since the Great Suspender was famous among Google users, they use fixed methods to extend extension still. They are not ready to download the new extension that comes with updated features of recovering the tabs. Therefore, it is creating chaos in the online world. In this manner, many experts and great suspender fans are questioning Google for the taken actions. 

Are you using the old extension or switched to the new one- WORKONA? Please write your answer in the comments!

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