Global Wordle Game {March} Guide On Playing Techniques!

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The article will tell you about the gameplay, platform, and various essential details about the Global Wordle Game. We hope you find this article informative.

Wordle game is all about guessing words. Have you played the Global game? It’s quite different from Wordle. After playing Wordle and other versions of the game, players Worldwide are curious to know about the Global game. The Global game offers an easy interface to players. 

In This article, we will discuss everything about the Global Wordle Game.

Why is this game getting viral?

The wordle game has gained utter popularity. Other related games like hurdle and needle have won a million hearts. Now, the Global game is getting viral, and people want to know everything about the Global game. The global game is developed by Abe Train.

Players have to guess the words within six attempts in the wordle game. In Global, as the name depicts, players must guess the countries within the globes. These two games are slightly different in gameplay as well as rules. So here we will know where and how to play Global Wordle Game.

How to play the Global game? 

Every day players will get a new mystery country. The goal in this game is to predict the mystery country in minimum attempts. If the guess is incorrect, then it will be displayed on the globe’s surface with different colours.

The darker colour means you are closest to the mystery country. If the country you guessed is lighter, then you are not close to the correct answer. 

For example, the mystery country is Japan, and if you guess the countries like South Korea or Mongolia, they will become dark, and if you think of France or Nepal, then their colour will become light blue or white.

Global Wordle Game: Where to play?

You can play the global game on the official website of the game. When you open the website of the game, a globe will appear and a search box. Then players have to enter the country name they have guessed. The distance between a mysterious country and a guessed country will be determined on the basis of the shortest distance between their borders.

 The territories will become neutral if you have guessed its Sovereign country. You can also enter the old name of countries or acronyms of the countries having a long 

 name. After assuming the correct mystery, country players can play the Global Wordle Game again at midnight as per the time zone of their region.


Players will get numerous chances to get to the correct country. First, players have to understand the colours that allow them to guess the correct country. If the country’s colour becomes dark, you are closest to the answer, but if the colour of your guessed country becomes lighter, you are very far from the mysterious country of the day.

 You can visit this link to know more about the global game.

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