Gem4me’s Achievements in 2022: from news feed to audio transcription 

Gem4me’s Achievements in 2022 from news feed to audio transcription 

Numerous events occurred in the world over the course of 2022, and not all of them were positive. However, it is customary to recall the best at the end of the year and hope that the next year will be only positive, while the worst remains in the past. Especially since personal accomplishments were experienced by many this year. Today we will discuss the Gem4me messenger which gained such an extensive number of new features over the course of 2022 that referring to it as a “messenger” is far from its definition. 

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News Feed

Do you know of many messengers with a news feed feature? Those practically don’t exist – unless we account for the Chinese WeChat, which contains everything in it. However, Gem4me gained a news feed in 2022. It was a logical step to take after the messenger gained public channels a year ago. Consequently, the news feed is located in the section with public channels and consists of posts by the channels that a user is subscribed to. From now on, it is simply enough to just tap one button in order to read everything that your favorite channels posted over the course of the day.  

Free Voice Message Transcription 

With the invention of voice messages users were split into two categories. The senders enjoy the utmost convenience of the feature. On the other hand, those receiving the voice message complain of inconveniences — such messages are challenging to listen to in public places as they require too much time and attention, as well as, information contained in them can not be located through the search.  Moreover, they are especially inconvenient for work. Overall, it is frequent when something needs to be double-checked or verified from a conversation history – how can one do so when there is just an audio recording left in the chat? 

Hence, transcription of audio files – is an essential option in any application where recording and sending voice messages is available. Surprisingly enough, not every application offers such an option, and even if it does – the feature needs to be paid for. Gem4me offers audio transcription free of charge. It currently works with English and a few other languages, although the developers are working on expanding the list.   

For Bloggers: feedback, live broadcasts and donations

Channel hosts continuously stress the importance of receiving feedback from their subscribers and readers. Everyone was happy once the option of sharing comments was introduced – both the bloggers and the subscribers. Readers are now able to discuss a post with its author, while bloggers can receive feedback and requests for future content. 

Furthermore, developers had also added the option to send donations to bloggers through the specialized service within the platform. An author of a channel can leave their payment details in their profile, upon which a specialized badge will appear next to the channels’ name. Also, Gem4me does not charge any commission for all of these transactions. 

Additionally, Gem4me bloggers also gained the ability to host live broadcasts this year. This is a principal requirement for many creators in order for them to consider a platform complete and of use. Co-hosts can be invited to a live broadcast and the streams can also be recorded. 

Special Attention to Privacy and Security 

Everyone wishes to feel secure and in control of their own personal space in which  they communicate with friends, read enticing channels or even host them. 

Not many enjoy being interrupted by calls and messages from unknown individuals. Gem4me took care of this matter. The application allows to prohibit calls and voice messages from unknown individuals. Moreover, channel hosts can also decide whether to allow new subscriptions to their channels without their permission, or not.  Users can choose the types of communication they wish to receive in the settings. 

Numerous New Features

A separate spotlight is for important updates to existing services. The ability to record voice calls was introduced — it is a rather useful function, especially at times when an important meeting needs to be recorded or materials for subsequent editing need to be retained. 

Users can now create their own private stickers as well. It can be a favorite character, funny memes or practically anything – create your own unique sticker packages. Friends will most likely enjoy sticker packages made out of their pictures.  

What should be expected from Gem4me next year? Perhaps a revolution amongst messengers – anything less is not an option anymore. 

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