Fitpulse Massage Gun Review {Nov 2021} Is This Legit?

Fitpulse Massage Gun Online Product Review

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Do you want to soothe your tired muscles just like an ancestral massage? Are your muscles hurting after workouts and gymming? If yes, then an amazing massage gun is calling you to calm and relieve your muscles and tissues. It proved to be the best relaxing method for athlete men across the sphere especially in Canada and the United States. Yet, are you tense about the authenticity of the product? You don’t need to bother as we are here with Fitpulse Massage Gun Review to settle your dilemmas. 

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What are Fitpulse Massage Guns?

Fitpulse massage guns are designed for athletic men to give them an intense massage of tissue and muscles. It speeds up muscle healing and supports the therapy of muscle pain. It also decreases stiffness, boosts flexibility & increases blood flow also. 

This massage gun is available in 17 varied massage heads with various wonderful colours along with 6 hours battery life. In addition, it is manufactured to suit your lifestyle with 30× speed levels usable. For better details, Fitpulse Massage Gun Review can be examined. 

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  • Category- Massage guns
  • Ideal for Both Men and Women.
  • Department- For unisex- grown-up
  • Product Colour- Black
  • Brand- FITPULSE
  • Material- Plastic
  • Energy Source- Powered batteries 
  • Product Weight- 5.33 pounds 
  • Required batteries- 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Speed levels- 30 flexible levels
  • Battery life- 2550mah and quick-charging batteries.
  • Additional tools- 17 different massage head tools.
  • Product item number- Model 1

Moreover, to resolve your mysteries, we have compiled some positives and negatives also-

Advantages of Buying–

  • Fitpulse Massage Gun Review are very good, 4.6 out of 5.
  • It is easy to carry and helpful for both healing and warm-up.
  • Different 30 adjustable speed levels are available according to your suitability.
  • It certainly works to ease the pain.
  • It can be used anywhere all over the body. 

Disadvantages of Buying- 

  • Battery life is not as good as promised on the websites.
  • The product started deteriorating after 30 days.
  • The quality of the product is not the same as the pictures are shown. Some items were even used before.

All the pros and cons are taken and noted from the Fitpulse Massage Gun Review of the customers.

After going over all the negatives and the positives, we can say that you can purchase this product yet, we suggest you buy from legit websites only like Amazon, Walmart etc., as per your convenience. 

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Is Fitpulse Massage Gun Legit? 

After looking at the analyses, it doesn’t seem simple to agree on if we should pay for the item or not. So, we have compiled some points. 

Let’s check them out-

  • After going through the Fitpulse Massage Gun Review we got to know that most of them are favourable.
  • According to our exploration, it is easy to carry with suitable and portable speed levels.
  • As we have analysed, the description and other details are not convincing. 
  • According to the shoppers, it can be used anywhere on the body and cures pain quickly.
  • Some journals say that battery and quality are not the same as mentioned.
  • There is another opposing opinion that emerged that damages of the product started when the period of warranty ends which is 30 days.

To finalize your queries, we would recommend you to read about the journals also-

Fitpulse Massage Gun Review-

  • According to our studies, 4.6 out of 5 reviews are good and those who are not in favour are in 0.4 ratios.
  • People are admiring the way it works and how it instantly provides ease. They are also recommending everyone to buy this. 
  • Consumers are also praising its portability and speed level. They are wishing to get it much before. 
  • Those who are disappointed, are resentful about the non-promising battery life and the low quality of the product. 
  • Some of them are complaining that the product was used and protesting for a refund. 


We have analysed the product from Fitpulse Massage Gun Review on different websites. As the reviews are quite contradictory, we would advise you to do deep research before buying that too from legitimate sites like Amazon and Walmart etc. 

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