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F1 Testing Barcelona 2022 {Feb} Find Complete Schedule!

This article describes the latest Formula One Championship’s checks that are about to get started this year. Then, read more on F1 Testing Barcelona 2022.

Are you interested to know about the racing check conducted before the pre-season of the Formula One Championship? If yes, let’s explore all the facts, dates and sessions associated with this event.

Worldwide fans and followers of car racing are eagerly looking into the upcoming racing season to witness the performance of their favorite car racer. 

With millions of viewers Formula, one events are organized and scheduled to avoid overlap with the upcoming FIFA World Cup. So, keep reading without skipping about the F1 Testing Barcelona 2022.

About F1 World Championship 2022

The upcoming F1 World Championship 2022 is the 73rd edition of the world’s most prestigious car racing championship. This latest edition is also known for its significant changes in technical rules and regulation compared to the previous traditional methods.

The current F1 champion is Max Verstappen,driving for the Red Bull racing team. This season introduced regulations to restrict radical changes in design. In addition to that, many safety-based changes and rules are also added, considering the controversies on Abu Dhabi Grand Pix in 2021.

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F1 Testing Barcelona 2022

  • The first test is conducted at Barcelonan Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
  • The first test follows standard procedures and is devoid of television broadcasting. Apart from that, the test is not open to F1 fans and other spectators.
  • The first test is scheduled for 23rd February 2022. The session is split into morning and afternoon sessions. 
  • The morning session is conducted from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm GMT, while the afternoon session takes place from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm GMT.

More About Barcelona Testing

  • The second test schedule is on 24th February 2022. F1 Testing Barcelona 2022 is split into morning session (8:00 am to 12:00pm GMT) and afternoon session (1:00pm to 5:00pm GMT).
  • Barcelona’s final testing schedule is conducted on 25th February 2022. Therefore, the testing session timings are the same as the previous sessions.
  • After Barcelona sessions, the next Bahrain Test will start on 10th March 2022.

Driver Lineup for F1 Test 2022

  • The first test schedule involves Sebastian Vettel (AM) or Lance Stroll (PM) of Aston Martin, Nikita Mazepin (AM) and Mick Schumacher (PM) of Haas and Nicholas Latifi (AM) or Alexander Albon (PM) of Williams. Learn on F1 Testing Barcelona 2022.
  • The second test involves Lance Stroll (AM) or Sebastian Vettel (PM) of Aston Martin, Mick Schumacher (AM) or Nikita Mazepin (PM) of Haas and Alexander Albon (AM) and Nicholas Latifi (PM) or Williams.
  • The final test involves Lance Stroll (PM)  / Sebastian Vettel (AM) of Aston Martin, Mick Schumacher (PM) / Nikita Mazepin (AM) of Haas and Nicholas Latifi (AM) /Alexander Albon (PM) of Williams.


The testing schedules play a crucial role in the formula one season, and this year the pre-season testing is conducted in Bahrain and Barcelona. To know more about this topic, kindly have a check at this link.  

Have you checked about the F1 Testing Barcelona 2022? If yes, share your findings below.

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