Why Editpad Leads as No.1 Paraphrasing Tool

Why Editpad Leads as No.1 Paraphrasing Tool

Editpad.org is an online toolkit that provides a multitude of content optimization tools. In this article, we will take a look at its paraphrasing tool. Paraphrasing tools are one of the most useful optimization tools as they can improve several aspects of your work. That’s because paraphrasing is such a useful technique in general.

Paraphrasing tools are amazing at making your content more readable, they can set the tone, they can improve the delivery and uniqueness etc. the paraphrasing tool by Editpad is good at all of these things. It is a freemium tool and offers a total of four modes. Two of the modes are free, and the other two are paid

In this article, we will be looking at some of the features that make Editpad’s paraphrasing tool one of the best that you can find in 2023. We’ll start off by looking at the modes and how well they work.

Paraphrasing Tool by Editpad

The paraphrasing tool by Editpad can be utilized without registration. That makes it very accessible for all sorts of people. Students in particular will like this paraphrase tool because of this feature.

More advanced users that need more from the tool have the option to upgrade their package and get more modes as well as increased word counts.

Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of things; the paraphrasing capabilities. There are four modes as we previously mentioned, so, let’s check them out.

1: Smooth Mode

The first mode we get is called the Smooth Mode. This is one of the free modes, and as such, it can be used without registration. Smooth mode is designed to make the given text easier and well…smoother to read. It is all in the name you see. 

So… let’s check out what that looks like. To showcase the efficacy of the Smooth mode, we are going to use some text from another blog post of ours. Check out the provided image to see it.

Smooth Mode

If you see closely, some uncommon words like “crucial” and phrases such as “not to say that” with simpler alternatives. The word “Crucial” was replaced with “Important”, and the phrase was replaced with “this does not mean” which is much easier to understand. That’s why this mode is best used for reducing the reading difficulty of your write-up.

2: Formal Mode

The second free mode that we can access is the Formal mode. This mode is designed to change the tone of the given text. You can probably guess it from the name, but it changes the text such that it becomes more formal or official. 

We are going to show you what that looks like by using the same passage we used previously. In the image below you can see how the Formal mode manipulated and altered the text. 

Formal Mode

The changes are boldened so that they are more apparent. We can see that the tone has shifted. You can see that the phrase “high chance” has been replaced with “Likely,” and the phrase “power to convince” has been replaced with “compelling.”

These are all changes that shift the tone from somewhat casual to more official. As a result, this mode is best used to make your work suitable for office correspondence and emails to superiors. 

3: Smart Mode

This is the first of the premium modes provided by the paraphraser of Editpad. To use this Smart mode, there is a requirement for creating an account and paying for one of the premium plans.

In the simplest terms, this mode is just a better version of the Smooth mode. It makes your write-up easier to read, but it does it better. It makes more changes compared to the Smooth mode. To showcase its efficacy, we will once again use the same passage as before. You can see the output below.

Smart Mode

It uses more powerful yet still common words such as “delving” when altering the text. You can see that the phrase “They will overview” has been changed with “They’ll certainly get a glimpse.” This is a much better way of saying it and is so much easier to understand. 

It has the same uses as Smooth mode and should be used by people who are not satisfied with the former mode. 

4: Improver Mode

This is arguably the best mode offered by this paraphrase tool. This Improver Mode makes a variety of changes to the text that improve it in various ways. We have tested this tool to display its prowess when it comes to paraphrasing. 

It utilizes several techniques such as synonym and phrase exchanging accompanied by structural changes for paraphrasing. The resultant text is much better in quality. It reads easier, the words are more powerful, and there is a consistent tone.

Improver Mode

You can see in the image that “delve” has been replaced with “dive”, “crucial” has been replaced with “important”, and “talking” has been replaced with “communicating.” In all instances, the new words are:

  • Well-known;
  • Better suitable;
  • More powerful

Hence, it is apparent that this is a great mode for paraphrasing your content.

Pricing Plans

Here are the two main types of pricing plans with all four of their variants.

Basic Plans:

Student Monthly Semi-Annual Annual
Price 7 USD 19 USD 69 USD 99 USD
Queries 5,000 15,000 70,000 120,000
Subscription Time 7 Days 30 Days  180 Days 365 Days
Paraphraser Word Limit 2,000 words

Per session

2,000 words

Per session

2,000 words

Per session

2,000 words

Per session

Modes Unlocked One mode One mode One mode One mode
Number of Supported Devices Three Three Three Three

Pro Plans

Student Monthly Semi-Annual Annual
Price 9 USD 29 USD 129 USD 199 USD
Queries 6,500 20,000 85,000 150,000
Subscription Time 7 Days 30 Days  180 Days 365 Days
Paraphraser Word Limit 5,000 words

Per session

5,000 words

Per session

5,000 words

Per session

5,000 words

Per session

Modes Unlocked Two modes Two modes Two modes Two modes
Number of Supported Devices Unlimited devices Unlimited devices Unlimited devices Unlimited devices

Some Benefits of The Paraphrasing Tool

We have seen what the paraphrasing tool by Editpad is capable of. It is great at its job, and its modes are diverse and varied enough to cater to a lot of people. However, those are not the only things that helped to make it the number one tool. There are other benefits as well. 

Let’s take a look at some of the user-related benefits that make this tool so good.

  • It has a user-friendly UI that helps new users very much.
  • It supports a large word count for paraphrasing (1,000 —free users, 5,000—premium users)
  • It does not have intrusive ads
  • It supports upwards of 15 languages
  • There are options for uploading and downloading your text in different formats
  • It has a lot of pricing plans that allow people to cheaply purchase the premium features of this tool.

All of these things help and facilitate users when they are paraphrasing. This kind of small stuff goes a long way in giving a positive impression to the users. That’s why this paraphrasing tool by Editpad is a leading paraphraser.


In this article, we saw what makes the paraphrasing tool by Editpad.org so good. We learned that this paraphraser is free to use, cheap to upgrade, and provides a lot of features. 

Some of its notable features make this paraphrase tool great for a large variety of audiences. The multiple language support as well as the multiple modes, ensure that people from many walks of life can use this tool effectively. 

Hopefully, now you know why this tool is so good, and how you can use it yourself.

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