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This Dr Grace Boadu Biography will give you details about Dr Grace Boadu Husband, Dr Grace Boadu Age, and Dr Grace Boadu Herbal Clinic. 

Do you want to know about Dr Grace Boadu? Are you eager to know about her biography? Dr Grace Boadu has been widespread across Ghana and the United Kingdom for her herbal clinic.

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Dr Grace Boadu Biography

Dr Grace Boadu, the founder of Grace Gift Herbal Clinic, passed away on January 29, 2024. Earlier, she used to work as a trained nurse in various hospitals. She graduated from St. Gilbert Nursing College, located in Kumasi. After graduation, she worked at County Hospital, Kumasi, Mary Lucy Hospital, Accra, Kropo Charity Hospital and Ebenezer Maternity Home. She wanted to use herbs for various treatment methods. Mainly, she focused on treating infertility and stroke. She claimed that she received the recommendation of these plants through dreams. She also heard some strange voices that directed her to use these plants.

Dr Grace Boadu Husband

People are interested to know about the husband of Boadu. The uncle of late Boadu stated that she never married and did not have any children. Other family members of Boadu are mourning her loss. She slipped into her bathroom and died suddenly. Earlier, there was a rumour that she fell ill and passed away. Later, it was confirmed that she had slipped in her bathroom. People are interested to know more about her family and early life. But there is no such information. She has been famous as an herbal medicine practitioner. She made many sacrifices to set up her herbal clinic.

Dr Grace Boadu Age

Dr Grace Boadu Age

Dr Grace Boadu was born on September 16, 1977, and she is 46 years old. Kumasi, Ghana, was her birthplace. She also took her education there. She quit her nursing job to open an herbal clinic, and she has been successful in treating many patients with rare diseases. She also opened a branch of her clinic at Atwima Koforidua, Brong Ahafo, Ohwim, off Barekese Road, etc. She is famous for her easy treatment method. Dr Grace became successful in her herbal medicine practice within a short period. Dr Grace Boadu Herbal Clinic has also made her famous.

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Cause of Her Death

Cause of Her Death

People are interested in knowing about the cause of Dr Grace’s death. First, a rumour spread, stating that she had fallen ill and died. But later, it was confirmed that she slipped in her bathroom and got hurt. The news of her death has spread widely, and people are writing messages for her. They are also interested to know about her family members. But there is not much information regarding her family. People are eager to learn about Dr Grace Boadu HusbandBut she has no husband as she never got married, and she also does not have any children. She set up her clinic after many years of struggle and learning about herbal medicine practice.

Reaction of the People

Reaction of the People

Many people benefitted from Dr Grace’s treatment. She successfully cured many patients of some of the rare diseases. She had to quit her nursing job to establish her herbal clinic. She had set up the branch of the clinic in various places. Dr Grace Boadu Age is only 46 years. She achieved success in life within a short period due to her tireless hard work.

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Dr Grace Boadu has been a famous herbal medicine practitioner. Dr Grace Boadu Herbal Clinic is known as Grace Gift Herbal Clinic. To know moreplease visit the link.

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