Diablo Immortal Has the Lowest User Score in Metacritic History

Diablo Immortal Has the Lowest User Score in Metacritic History

Congrats to Blizzard for having the “Lowest Scored Game on Metacritic” award for Diablo Immortal!

Reviewers like Metacritic are indeed the arbiter of a game’s merit in this day where evaluation is the standard. However, this problem cannot be ignored. A most recent game from Blizzard, Diablo Immortal, currently maintains the record for Metacritic’s poorest rating score. Depending on approximately 2,000 user reviews, the PC edition of Diablo Immortal presently has an astonishing rating of 0.2 out of 10. The smartphone version, however, has a customer rating of 0. The MMO’s micropayments, including Diablo Immortal Platinum and some other forms of cash, are what mostly account for its poor reviews.

It’s amusing to note that this isn’t the first occasion Blizzard has gotten a user rating of lower then 1 out of 10. Due to the heavily criticised faction structure and the inclusion of micropayments, Warcraft: The Burning Crusade gets a lower rating and a rating of 0.5.

Diablo Immortal Could Be the Most Hated Game (For Now)

As Diablo Immortal was published on June 2, both readers and critics reacted with extreme anger. The majority of the complaints focused on how heavily the game relied on micropayments. The gamers claim that Diablo Immortal was created to make it difficult for players who don’t log in to fight with others who do. Even though it was a free-to-play game, you can only obtain the greatest weapons and Diablo Immortal Items by chance or by paying for it.

Gamers were outraged by the pay-to-win system that Blizzard created in Diablo Immortal, although especially if you do purchase, it’s prohibitively pricey. Hang on to your headwear if you desire a fully leveled-up basic item; the price ranges from $60,000 to $110,000

The outrageous $25 fee for everyone who wants the option to enhance any gear they’ve obtained after a 4-minute Ancient Rift gaming is one of the league’s other troublesome components. What’s absurd is that some broadcasters have seen other gamers invest more on Diablo Immortal’s pay-to-win options within a single day than it would cost to purchase a windows Pc.

The P2W Elements in Diablo Immortal are so terrible that several nations have outlawed it

Many nations, like Netherlands and Belgium, have outlawed Diablo Immortal because it is considered betting. According to a report given by an Activision Blizzard official, Diablo Immortal won’t be offered or shown up on Battle.net or the Play Store in Belgium or the Netherlands. Pre-registrations won’t be available in certain areas due to the operational environments in both nations.

10,000,000 Installs? Not Remarkable

More than 10 million copies of Diablo Immortal have been made since its release. Although this is a remarkable accomplishment for a free-to-play game, many remain dissatisfied. Blizzard intended to “give something back” to gamers by thanking them for their assistance in making this title the most important release in the existence of the Diablo franchise. The benefit? Many people thought that having enough hilts to buy just one Crest was a slight.

We all know how harshly Diablo Immortal’s gamers have criticised its filthy P2W mechanisms, and Blizzard’s award is a perfect illustration of the issue. By considering the whole time required to equip oneself and achieve the level maximum, getting hilts in exchange for a solitary crest equates to users spending 1-2 hours of gameplay.

Criticisms Could Impact Diablo 4

Diablo Immortal is now being scrutinised by gamers. Blizzard hasn’t yet commented on how they’ll address this situation because numerous reviews have bombed the title. The F2P headline with the lowest user rating on Metacritic because of the frequent micro-transactions like Diablo Immortal Platinum doesn’t assist anymore. Such disputes will only aggravate the group and increase the risk of new players quitting the game altogether. There is a significant chance that all this unfavourable publicity will negatively affect Diablo 4, which will debut in 2023.

At the very minimum, not all player has the same opinion. Some believe that Diablo Immortal may still be played freely and that completing the title is still doable. Although it takes a lot of time, gamers are ultimately free to decide whether or not to invest their income on gems to speed up their advancement.

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