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David Baszucki Die (Feb) Scroll Down for Reality Check

David Baszucki Die (Feb) Scroll Down for Reality Check >> As mentioned above, the article is about a piece of news floating the internet about the death of David Baszucki.

Roblox is one game that has taken over the internet by storm. It has made a prominent place in people’s hearts in a very short period, and it is one wonderful game that the users can play in which they can even create their games.

 It is a game famous in various parts of the world such as the Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, etc. There is a piece of news going on the internet about the co-founder of Roblox and his death. So, through this article, we have tried to answer this burning question for you, ‘Did David Baszucki Die?

So, read on for more information on this news and through this article, we will also check the authenticity of this article.

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Why Is Roblox So Popular?

Roblox is a really popular game which users play all over the world. This game can be played through various devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, HTC, etc. Also, the USP of the game is that it is available without any cost. 

It is to be noted that the game asks the users for various in the app purchases that help the app earn money. 

Why is David Baszucki popular?

David Baszucki is famous for being the founder of one of the world’s most loved games. Born on 20th January 1963, he is aged 57 now. Before, he founded Roblox, and he was also the founder of ‘Knowledge Revolution’. 

Also, he has served as the Vice President of MSC Software. Various reports are floating about his death. But the question is ‘Did David Baszucki Die?’

David Baszucki sold his first company named Knowledge Revolution, and he got famous by the name of ‘builderman’ which was also his name on his Roblox account. Though, now his account’s word is his own. He lives in the Portola Valley, Calif.

His stint with Roblox started with his dear friend named Erik Cassel who started with Roblox then. Though, earlier, the name of Roblox was ‘DynaBlocks.’ Then, he renamed it as Roblox, which is the mix of “robots” with “blocks.” 

Did David Baszucki Die?

Some reports say that David Baszucki has died, but we have found that he is alive after some investigation. The news of his death is nothing more than a prank or a piece of fake news. Though, the co-founder of Roblox, named Erik Cassel, died in 2013 because of cancer. Also, there is no solid proof about the death of David Baszucki, so he is alive. We will ask the readers to refrain from believing in or spreading such news. So, we would request the readers to maintain some caution.

Final Conclusion:

So, it is proven that the answer to the question ‘Did David Baszucki die?’ is no. We will ask the readers not to trust everything that they read.

There should always be a certain investigation level that the user must perform before believing anything that they read on the internet.

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