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The article elucidates story behind the viral Daddy Ash Telegram link and provides ways to download it from Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

Are you familiar with the songs of a young singer, Daddy Ash, on Spotify? Did your playlist include one of the Daddy Ash songs?

Then here comes the surprising trending video of Daddy Ash, which made Malayasia people in great shock.

Because the singer turned into a viral star in a single intimate video, so here in this article, we are going to explain the Daddy Ash Telegram Link in a detailed manner by providing accurate details about it.

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What is the trending Daddy Ash Telegram Link?

Daddy Ash is a famous singer and songwriter who rose to fame by singing songs like Street Fighter, Don Julio, Sukuma, etc. There are lots of fans for his songs as well. Recently, a viral video was posted online where Daddy Ash was doing inappropriate activities at a musical concert with a girl. The girl present in the video is not known, but he was doing intimate scenes with a girl, which was recorded and released on the Telegram channel.

Daddy Ash Telegram Download

There is another telegram channel with the name “Daddy Ash Viral Videos.” This telegram channel is not related to the singer, but in the telegram channel, the admin used to post only the mature content videos of various people. 

So here, the Daddy Ash Telegram also refers to that channel name. As a coincidence, the Daddy Ash singer’s intimate video was also released currently, so the keyword Daddy Ash Telegram Download is trending in all parts of the internet world.

What does Daddy Ash mean by?

Daddy Ash is the stage name of the singer Ikhwan Arif Yaya Mahadi. He is in his mid-20s and used to sing, write, and produce songs. In addition to that, he also founded a musical program named New Era Records, and he also used to dance really well. In his Youtube videos, Arif used to write and dance choreograph for his songs.

But at the same time, Daddy Ash predominantly refers to the mature content telegram channel as well. That telegram channel has around 20000 followers for themselves, where they post only about the mature and intimate content of various people around the world.

What does Daddy Ash mean by

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Availability of the video

Currently, the viral Reddit video of Daddy Ash is not available on social media platforms because the video contains more inappropriate scenes that are not suitable for anyone to view. Hence, the video was deleted from the social media community.

But on the Telegram platform, there is a channel that displays the profile of Daddy Ash and claims to share the leaked Tiktok video of that singer. But if we click those links, it redirects to very suspicious websites, and at the same time, it asks the viewers to download a malicious extension as well.

Availability of the video

People reaction to the video

The leaked video shocked many fans of Daddy Ash because he is a very talented singer who is waiting for his extensive stage to expose his full talent. And this is a crucial moment in his Instagram and singing career. Still, he carelessly did a very inappropriate activity in a public place. So, it will have ripple effects on his career. 

This is what his fans felt about the leaked video. Well, some people truly thought that these types of videos were meant to popularise the singer because this leaked video became more viral than his original songs, so many people tend to search for him, so this is also a kind of publicity.

People reaction to the video

Ways to download the video

People can easily do Daddy Ash Telegram Download. They need to go to the Telegram channel and search for Daddy Ash videos. If they click the download symbol, the video will be automatically downloaded on their respective devices. But here, the most arduous task is finding the authentic telegram channel because many fake telegram channels are also popping up on a daily basis.

Social media links

Instagram: @Daddy Ash (@daddyash30) • Instagram photos and videos


Hence, we have explained the background story of the Daddy Ash Telegram Link and why it is trending all over the internet. In this digital technology world, social media is a perfect tool to expose our skills and talent, but if we start using it inappropriately, then it will backfire on us. We hope that the singer, Daddy Ash, learned his lesson from the recent incident.

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Disclaimer: The article shares an intimate video of a singer.

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