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Connectifest. com {Aug 2022} Know Genuine Details!

This article is about Connectifest. com can aid in resolving your query regarding the tickets as well as the venue where the event was held.

Do you know about Connectifest.com? Have you heard about the great event which was happened in Indonesia? Do you like to know the details of this event? Are you aware of how great it would be? Did you know about the same music fest held at the same event? Do you have an idea who all were singing at this event?

If not, then review this post, Connectifest. com, once to get answers for your questions and we promise you will get all the information about this in this post.

About this event

Rising singers Denny Caknan and Yeni Inka will perform at this prominent yearly music festival, along with Tyok Satrio, a competitor on the X-Factor. The Farmer playing Saxophone will be the official mascot of Connectifest 2022. This demonstrates how the Connectifest planners have adjusted to Pati Regency’s new identity of Bumi Mina Tani. Hadi, the manager of Layang Swara Initiative and Connectifest 2022’s organizer, stated that Pati Regency’s selection as being one of the captured cities was due to the passion of music fans.

More about Connectifest. com

“Many people have asked for Connectifest to be in Pati Regency, and thank God we will oblige. So, here is Denny Caknan, who is well-liked in Pati, “said he. One Pati resident will soon be invited by Denny Caknan. Additionally, he acknowledged that his group had received approval from of the Pati Regency Police and Government to host Connectifest 2022 at Pati Regent.

“The Pati Regency Administration, the Security, and the pertinent organizations back us. Additionally, an MSME booth that might be a post-pandemic job growth will be at this Connectifest event, Hadi stated about this Connectifest. com. And the reviews are also 4.5 out of 5 stars according to our trustable resources.

Connectifest Tickets

Unlike other music festivals, Connectifest 2022’s ticket sales are based on NFT in addition to regular tickets (Non-Fungible Token). However, there will only be a limited number of NFT Connectifest 2022 tickets available for purchase, and they can be found at Tokomall.io only with the Gandrung theme. “The NFT ticket will be used by Connectifest to appeal to Generation Z. Future versions could incorporate Metaverse, “added Mukarrom in his capacity as the project’s commissioner.

As is well known, tickets for Connectifest 2022 are currently available for pre-order through the official website Connectifest. com.


In conclusion, this essay has discussed the music event that took place in Pati on August 22, 2022, as part of the Pati Fair. In addition to lifelong tickets, he added that there might well be a few exceptional amenities available for attendees who purchase NFT tickets. They will also have the opportunity to interact with artists. 

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