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{Full Original Video} City College Viral Video Link: Is Dhaka Student Tape On Telegram

The viral City College Viral Video Link is an explicit video related to a Dhaka Student. The Just Friend video is viral on Telegram on other platforms.

Do you know about the City College video? Do you know about a viral video of two friends? City College Viral Video Link is searched by several people all over Bangladesh. The viral video is linked to two friends who are involved in inappropriate activity. This article will discuss the viral video of City College students. Let’s begin the post. 

City College Viral Video Link

The viral video of City College is a video of two students. The city college students are identified as Tasnim Ayesha and her classmate whose name is unknown. The viral video of Tasmin Ayesha includes her with a male. The video shows both of them involved in explicit acts. As per the online reports, the video is made mutually with the consent of Tasnim but the reports are not confirmed. 

Just Friend Viral Link Video is in demand as it shows explicit content. The video was uploaded on several platforms after it got leaked from Tasmin’s phone. Initially, the video was uploaded on a grown-up website, and from there it went viral on Telegram and other platforms. The video is now deleted from almost all the platforms as it shows private content. 

Where to find Dhaka City College Student Link

The link of Dhaka college students is posted by several users on social media. After the video was taken down from all the internet sources, some people still have the video. People are posting links to the video on their accounts. However, there is no surety if the link is original or fake. You must be aware of any fraudulent links. City College Viral Video Link Telegram is available you can find the link there.

If you hint for the viral video then you may not find anything on social media. Many social media platforms do not allow explicit content.

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How the private video is leaked?

The private video is leaked from Tasmin’s phone. As per the online websites, the video was leaked from Tasmin’s phone. The video may be saved on clouds and it may be leaked from there. Just Friend Viral Link Video was posted on an anonymous grown-up website. From the unknown website, the video rapidly went viral on other social media platforms.

The viral video is 10 minutes long. Tasmin also issued an apology regarding the explicit video. There is no confirmation about the consent of Tasmin while filming the video. Some sources have claimed that the Dhaka City College Student Link video was made with her consent but some are claiming that it was made without her consent.

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In a nutshell

Summing up this article here, the viral video of Ayesha Tasnim is leaked from her phone without her consent as per the online sources. The viral video has been taken down from all the sources as the video shows explicit content. There is no confirmation of consent of Tasnim while filming City College Viral Video Link Telegram but it went viral without their knowledge. Visit this link to learn more details on Ayesha Tasnim.

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Disclaimer: The video of City College friends is an explicit video that has gone viral without their knowledge. The video is no longer available on any platform. 

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