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In this post, we have discussed the physicist Charles K. Kao’s life and Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contribution.

Are you aware of Charles K. Kao, who contributed to the evolution of the Internet? Would you like to know more about his life and contribution? If yes, tune in to this post.

On 4th November, Google Doodle honored Charles K. Kao, a physicist who contributed to the development of fiber optics that led to the evolution of the Worldwide Internet. So, in this post, we will discuss Charles K. Kao Google Scholar.

Who is Charles K. Kao?

Charles Kuen Kao was a famous physicist and electrical engineer who fabricated the creation and use of optical fiber for improved telecommunication systems. Charles K. Kao was originally from Hong Kong, China, and is also a citizen of the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

During the 1960s, Charles k. Kao worked on the development of a number of methods to incorporate fine fibers of glass with laser in order to beneficiate the transmission of digital data. His research laid the cornerstone for the advancement of the Internet. Before knowing more about Sir Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contributions, let us learn more about his personal life and education.

About Charles K. Kao Life & Education

Charles K. Kao was born on 4th November 1933 in Shanghai, China. During his childhood years, Kao was taught Chinese classics by a home tutor and studied French and English at an international school in the city of Shanghai. 

Kao’s family shifted to Hong Kong and completed his high school there before moving to England to study his undergraduates to study in electrical engineering at the University of Greenwich. Kao finished his Ph.D. in London and then joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

About Charles K. Kao Google Scholar Contribution

Charles K. Kao is called the father of optical fiber communication because of his discovery that became the base of the Information Age. Kao is regarded for his findings on some unknown physical properties of glass during the 1960s, which laid the foundation of high-speed communication of data in the Information Age. 

Before Kao’s invention, glass fiber was regarded as inappropriate as the conductor of information as it led to excessive loss of signal. Kao acquired that purifying glass and making thin fibers out of it will help to carry huge amounts of data over a long distance. Thus, leading to high-speed internet. 

Now that we know Charles K. Kao Google Scholar contributions, let us look at the notable awards and honors received by the great physicist.

About Charles K. Kao’s Awards and Honour

Charles K. Kao has received numerous awards in his career. We have listed some of his notable awards and honors in the list below:

  • Nobel Prize in Physics in 2009.
  • Doctor of Science (Honorary), Princeton University, the US, in 2004.
  • Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2010.


Charles K. Kao has the most influential contribution to the evolution of the Information Age, yet the world knows less about him and his works. Google 4th November doodle was a tribute to him. Visit Charles K. Kao Wikipedia page to know more about him.

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