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In this article, we deliver Cascade Bras Rouge Accident details, Cascade Bras Rouge Reunion information, Cascade de Bras Rouge Ile de la Reunion, and more.

Where is Cascade Bras Rouge located? When did the Bras Rouge accident happen? Is the accident in the Bras Rouge common? Bras Rouge is a waterfall located in FranceAccording to the local press news report, a 10-year-old kid fell into the Bras Rouge River. Read the Cascade Bras Rouge Accident article to get detailed information about the Bras Rouge and the accident.

Cascade Bras Rouge Accident 

On 27th April 2013, a 10-year-old kid fell into the Bras Rouge River. Local press news reports confirmed the death of the young child. The boy was walking with his family members on a path near the river rampart. The child fell into the river for an undetermined reason around fifty meters. He was badly injured and died in an unexpected accident. Continue to know Cascade de Bras Rouge Ile de la Reunion and more in the further section.

Cascade Bras Rouge Accident 

Where was the accident happened?

The young child fell in the river and died with injuries. The name of the river is Bras Rouge. The accident happened more accurately near the well-known Bras Rouge waterfall. The boy has tried to cross the river with his family near the GR crosses. Unexpectedly, he would have fallen into the river by slipping on the basalt rock. This Basalt rock was naturally slippery. The child went down the Bras Rouge Waterfall. His body was found a few hours later. It was located 50 meters below the pool.

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Cascade Bras Rouge Reunion

The Bras Rouge or Bras Rouge Waterfall is a famous waterfall on Réunion Island. It is located in the southwest Indian Ocean of the French overseas department. Bras Rouge was formed in the upstream sector of the Saint-Étienne River. The waterfalls fall within the territory of the Cilaos commune. It was in the natural valley of the same name. 

Cascade Bras Rouge Reunion

The waterfalls water flows through La Chapelle. The location is only manageable from the GR R2. Bras Rogue Reunion is a long-distance hiking trail. It crosses the water river a few meters upstream of the Bras Rogue waterfall. The Cascade Bras Rouge Reunion range is accessible by GR R2.

Bras Rouge Waterfall

Bras Rouge was once an energetic path for the dispersed inhabitants. In 1973, the region around the place of Marla reached the Cilaos village before the authorization of the departmental D242 road.

Bras Rouge Waterfall

Now, it is an important trail for hikers and also for some great mountain rivalries such as the Grand Raid. For all those, the Bras Rouge who make the grand traverse of Reunion Island. 

The Bras Rouge waterfall has marks of very solid and refined lava identical to Trois Roches. 

Cascade de Bras Rouge Ile de la Reunion is very dangerous because the slab is slippery and very smooth. It’s imprudent to go near the edge. The last deadly accident happened in April 2010.


Bras Rouge is a well-known waterfall located in the French Union. Today, this place is the most important trail for hikers. Click the link to get detailed information about the Bras Rouge Accident and more about the place.

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