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Please read this article below to explore the facts and answers for Can Kurama Be Revived and how his death will impact the other characters in the story.

Have you streamed the 55th chapter of Boruto yet? Are you too worried about the potential deaths? Are you a fan of this series?

In the given pointers below, we will be discussing Kurama’s death. Kurama is Naruto’s Partner, and the character dies in the 55th chapter of the series. Naruto is famous in the United States, Philippines, India and many other countries.  

Read the facts mentioned below to reveal Can Kurama Be Revived or not.

How does Chapter 55 Start?

The chapter starts with both the characters, Kurama and Naruto, chatting in their subconscious mind. While their chat, Naruto thinks of his death, as if he has died, but soon, the other character named Kurama informs him that he is still alive and that his death is far away from now. 

Naruto is devastated and shocked by the implications of Kurama, and his worries face the truth when he reveals the lie. 

Apart from Kurama’s death, the chapter’s conclusion also reveals that Isshiki is alive and Sasuke loses his rennigen. Unfortunately, this has also exaggerated the hype for Can Kurama Be Revived.

What will the next chapter offer to the viewers?

Most of the fans for this series are asking whether Kurama will be revived in further chapters or not. But, the world of Naruto Shinobi is not left with many dragon balls for now. Shenron is also helpless for this time, and only a big personality can help with the same.  

Hagoromo Ohtsutsuki created Kurama, including the other eight-tailed character beasts. The creation of these characters was done after the split for ten tails. This was done after the colossal beast was defeated. 

Ten other tails remain, sucking the chakra for the earth to bear the chakra fruit, becoming the God tree. 

Can Kurama Be Revived?

The conclusion thus says that Karuma will not be a part of the chapters anymore and that he cannot be revived from the remaining ten tales. Karuma’s first appearance was made back in 1999, and he was the diehard Naruto’s partner. 

How can Karuma’s death be linked to Naruto’s power of levels?

Karuma’s death will have a huge impact on the powers of other characters. Naruto has the status of the strongest Shinobi and the war hero, which will now be transferred to Boruto. 

How did Kurama Die?

Viewers, along with the answers for Can Kurama Be Revivedare also searching for the reasons for Kurama’s death. Baryon mode’s effect is the reason behind Kurama’s death. He was shown expending his chakra against Isshiki, which resulted in his immediate death. 

Final Verdict:

After exploring all the ends of this 55th chapter, we can say that Kurama is not revived in the next chapters. His death will thus have a direct impact on other character’s power. Boruto Manga Chapter 55  is released and available for the readers now. 

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