Bora Bora Getaways Scam (March 2021) Read The Truth!

Bora Bora Getaways Scam 2021

Bora Bora Getaways Scam (March 2021) Read The Truth! >> The post shares details about a new scam circulating on social media and attracting a huge audience.

A viral post on social media asking people to comment, like, and share, and in return, they would get a free 14-night stay at Le Meridien Bora Bora. People in the United States want to know is Bora Bora Getaways Scam or legit. 

The post is circulation on a popular social media channel, and it got viral soon after it was published. It promises to offer a free stay at the resort with just commenting, liking, and sharing the post. 

Let’s check whether it is real or a scam.

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What is Bora Bora Getaways?

Bora Bora is the famous resort offering luxury accommodation and amenities. Some miscreants are circulating a post that went viral because of the alluring images and offers. The viral post of Bora Bora Getaways Scam claims to offer users a 14-night stay in the luxury Le Meridien Bora Bora Resort just for liking, sharing, and commenting on the post. 

The scammers are making their post seem legit and alluring by adding real images of the resort along with a hypothetical cut-off date. However, after evaluating, we found that the viral post and the social page are deceitful and not real.

Bora Bora resort is not offering such gateways or free stays in the resort, and there are no such competitions to choose a winner. It is a scam by some people to attract users and promote their social page.

Is Bora Bora Getaways Scam or Legit?

As mentioned, Bora Bora Getaways is a scam and not legit. The Bora Bora resort is not offering such free stays and competition to choose any winner. After evaluating the post and the social page, we found a scam, and no such competition exists.

The post is a scam created to attract audiences for their likes and shares. It enables the scammer to promote their social page and get shares and likes for free. It is the attempt to gather likes so that it can be used to distribute more such scams online to a large audience. 

Besides, the list of users created with such scams can also be sold to other scammers in the black market. So, be aware of such Bora Bora Getaways Scam circulating online in the United States.    

What Does the Social Post Claim to Offer?

As per the post, users who will comment, like, and share the viral post would get a chance to win a 14-night stay at the renowned and famous resort, Le Meridien Bora Bora, for five people. The offer includes free accommodation, flights, and transfers.

The offer’s validity is two years, and the participant can use the holiday anytime in two years. The closing date of the competition is 7th March 2021 at 9 pm. 

The social media channel has confirmed that it is not endorsed or sponsored by them, and hence the post seems scam and not legit.


Bora Bora Getaways Scam is attracting many people in America, and everyone wants to know if it is accurate and can enjoy the holiday at the resort.  

It has been confirmed that it is totally and scam and not real. So, you must ignore such claims and scams circulating on social media. 

Do you have anything to share about the scam? Please share your views in the comment section.

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