Biibiibo Puzzles Review [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax?

Biibiibo Puzzles Review 2021

Biibiibo Puzzles Review [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax? -> This article shares information about a puzzle website and whether it is trustworthy or not.

Do you know we are becoming like a stagnant river in our daily chores? We are not doing much physical as well as a mental exercise, which can make us stronger. Do you know about any mental games which can increase the activity of your brain? You might be thinking, how is it possible to have fun like that. But, it’s true.

In this article, we will review the features of a Puzzle which is gaining prominence among people. Biibiilo Puzzles Review will let you know about its advantages and also some disadvantages of the game. People mostly from the United States are more curious to know about this game.

Let’s begin our discussion and start learning about this website. 

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What is Biibiibo Puzzles?

It is an online platform that sells various kinds of puzzles. It has multiple jigsaw puzzles of different animals like elephant, butterfly, bear, horse, lion, turtle, cat, etc. 

These puzzles would be a great pass time for the children and others who want to trigger their mental growth. Such exercises would be great excitement to try among the people.

Biibiibo Puzzles Review will let you know more about these puzzles.


  • Type of Website: E-commerce platform for selling puzzles.
  • Domain Age: It is less than six months old.
  • Certification: It has HTTPS Certification.
  • Email.
  • Contact No: Not Available
  • Address: Not Available
  • Payment mode: It accepts online payment.
  • Social Media Presence: It has its presence on Facebook 
  • Return Policy: It has 14 days return policy.
  • Shipping Policy: It will deliver your product within 15 to 30 days.

Pros of purchasing from Biibiibo Puzzles.

  • It will increase your thinking capacity as analytical games are suitable for mental health.
  • There is a vast collection of animal puzzles at a reasonable cost.

Cons of purchasing from Biibiibo Puzzles: 

  • There is less transparency about this site because there is no data available about the owner, no physical address, and no contact number. 
  • There is a low trust rate on this site. 

Is Biibiibo legit?

As per Biibiilo Puzzles Reviewwe found that the site is too young to be trusted upon. It is less than six months old. A younger website is more prone to be suspicious, and this site also seems fishy.

There are no consumer reviews about this site which again raises suspicion about this site. A website without consumer reviews proves that the consumers do not use the site much.

It has less involvement on social media platforms. It has its presence only on Facebook, and it does not have any consumer response on this platform. 

According to Biibiilo Puzzles Review, it has HTTPS certification, but this cannot be the sole factor that can prove its authenticity. HTTPS certification only proves that the site would not be hacked easily.

Thus, after analyzing so many factors, it is suggested that the site does not have enough information which can declare it as a real website. It seems to be a suspicious website. Therefore, interested consumers are requested to check the site properly and look at the reviews, if possible, before proceeding ahead with the purchase of any puzzles from this website. 

What are Biibiilo Puzzles Review?

According to our online research, this website is too young; it has merely completed less than six months of age. 

It has HTTPS certification, but it is not the sole factor to judge about its authenticity. It is also not present on various social media platforms except Facebook. It also does not have consumer reviews which also raises the question about its authenticity. 

It is also not transparent in its functions, and the owner’s identity is not clear about this site.

Thus, Biibiilo Puzzles Review found that this site seems to be suspicious about its functioning. 

Final Verdict: 

Biibiibo Puzzles provides a variety of puzzles to people, and it is suitable for mental growth. But as far as the legitimacy of the site is concerned, there are many factors against this website. People from the United States were eager to know about this site and its authenticity. 

Therefore, Biibiilo Puzzles Reviews found that the site seems to be suspicious. Thus, the interested consumers are requested to beware of such websites, which may have adverse effects. 

Have you used these puzzles? How was your experience with this website? If you have any experience or complaints regarding this website, please let us know in the comment section below. 

8 Comments on “Biibiibo Puzzles Review [Mar 2021] Legit or a Hoax?”

  1. My mom ordered puzzles from them. We got order confirmations and tracking numbers, but the puzzles never arrived. Their email address is cancelled, phone number offline, the order link and tracking link no longer link to anything. This is a hoax.

    1. Found out they run under a company name giant bees limited Hong Kong. Even that website was full of dead ends.

  2. Recently, I ordered a few puzzles from this site and wanted to see how the progression of the package was. I clicked on the tracking number, it said that the package could not be found and I cannot view my order on their website.

  3. I recently ordered a puzzle for a friends’ mother. We are still waiting fir it but of course have already been charged.!!

  4. I ordered a puzzle from them on March 11. I have never received it. I sent a confirmation of my payment via email to them and have not received a reply. I am definitely going to dispute this charge. Don’t order from them it’s a scam!

  5. This is definitely a scam. I ordered a large puzzle from them. After 6 weeks of not hearing from them, I emailed them threatening to give bad/scam reviews wherever I could. All of a sudden, it was on it’s way. The puzzle I received was very small, was not the $30+ puzzle I ordered, and was very cheaply made. Sent more emails, no response after what is now well over 3 months. I usually research before I buy. Lesson learned.

  6. Received the wrong puzzle and they don’t reply to emails. Read that the website which charged my PayPal account is now up for grabs on godaddy. SCAM!!!

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