Being Admired Com Reviews (April 2021) Is It A Legit Deal?

Being Admired Com Reviews 2021

Being Admired Com Reviews (April 2021) Is It A Legit Deal?   >>This article is a summarized theory of the website claiming to provide its products at the discounted prices. 

Have you ever been trapped in an online scam? It is widespread nowadays to get trapped in such things as there are many websites launched daily. In this frequent launch, all of them cannot be safe to scroll. 

Hence, users must go through the reviews of these websites before placing any orders with them. In this article below about Being Admired com Reviews, we are going to discuss some legitimacy facts. We are going to explore this United States-based platform to get all the answers.

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What is

Being admired is an online webstore dealing with multiple products and categories. It also claims to complete their orders at huge discounts. This itself is enough to attract new customers. 

The categories of websites offer clothing, shower sets, drill sets, polishing cloths, garden beddings, etc. There are just the categories; further, many options are provided in these all divisions. 

But, can you rely on a website dealing with such different categories? 

We have mentioned some points below in Being Admired com Reviews, which will also clarify its authenticity facts.

Specifications of

  • Website: Deals with Home Product, Clothing and Accessories. 
  • Email:
  • Address: Not Mentioned.
  • Contact Number: Not available on the webpage.
  • Shipping Time: 2-5 Business Days.
  • Shipping Cost: Dependent on Package Weight.
  • Delivery: Exact Time Not Mentioned. 
  • Returns/Exchange: Can be requested within 45 Days of Delivery.
  • Refund: Within 14 days or order returns.
  • Cancellation: Only applicable before Shipping. 
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards. 

These were some of the technical details of the website. Please go through the website’s pros and cons in this blog below about in Being Admired com Reviews to get its legitimacy sorted.

Pros of

  • The website has mentioned all the details of its policies on the webpage. 
  • The website offers a 45-day return policy. 
  • All the products on this website are available at huge discounts. 

Cons of

  • Orders from this website cancelled after Shipping will cost 30% of cancellation fees. 
  • Contact Details are missing from the website. 
  • The website is also not available on any social media platform. 

Head towards the is a legit section of this blog about Being Admired com Reviews to reveal its authenticity.

Is Legit?

In many of our blogs earlier, we have mentioned that we do analyze many facts before stating the authenticity of the website. We have done thorough research on Beingadmired also to bring you the relevant facts. 

The website is around six months old. This is a good time for a website to fetch reviews, be they positive or negative. 

We have not found any reviews of rating so the website yet over the internet. This indicates that either the website is not very popular amongst its target audience or does not take any initiative to be highlighted. 

Being Admired com Reviews are missing over the internet as well. 

We cannot find any relevant information of the same regarding its reviews or ratings on the trust pilot. The social media appearance of the website is also not found.

Thus, the unavailability of information in 6 months makes it a dubious platform. 

Thus, all these points are enough to state the authenticity of the website. We have mentioned information about its revies as well in the upcoming section. 

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Being Admired com Reviews:

We have already mentioned in our blog that reviews of the website are missing over the internet. Some of the websites about the ratings and reviews of such platforms have also said it to be a dubious platform. 

We should wait for a while to check if the website still fetched some reviews or not. If not, then we can state it as a scam.

Final Verdict:

After exploring all the possible end of this website, we can say it to be a dubious platform. We have our reasons for that. The domain age is more than three months which is enough for a website to get familiar with its targeted audience. 

Thus, the unavailability of information created suspicion about the website. 

Please wait for a while and go for the other related website serving your desired products. 

Are you associated with this platform? Share your reviews about the same and comment your opinion about Being Admired com Reviews below.

16 Comments on “Being Admired Com Reviews (April 2021) Is It A Legit Deal?”

  1. Ordered tactical pants going on 2 months now waiting. Spent 135.00 . There no links for contacting the website. Feeling like I got ripped off

  2. Being admired is a rip off never got my stuff I ordered. Loss of 135.00 dollars. Ordered their tactical pants and took my money and never shipped them. No contacts, no water to track orders. Good old fashioned scam artists

    1. I received 2 pair of shorts, size 4X, ( 2x normally is loose comfortable on me), and I couldn’t even button them. So I sent them an email describing the issue. Here’s the response,
      We are so sorry that the item you received can not meet your satisfaction.
      But we did send the correct size you ordered , so it won’t be supported to return or exchange.
      Thanks for your understanding.
      This is total bullshit. So I learned a $65.00 lesson.
      Sorry you had to learn a $135.00 lesson.

    2. We also ordered these shorts -says shipping from USA – but that’s false took 2 months and from China – sizing on shorts so far off – ordered 36-38 which they call XL – there is NO way my husband would ever be able to zip these up

  3. just don’t order anything, very poor quality and returns will not be accepted. Item does not match their description. i ordered also tactical pants.

  4. I ordered and paid $140 us I have got pants but they are at least 2 size to small and the company will not refund my money 1 pair had broken zipper
    The product it’s self is total crap DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY

  5. I ordered Tactical Shorts and never received the product. I did get email replies that gave me scant info and a tracking number that never showed any info. I’m sure I have been scammed.

  6. While this site CLAIMS to offer refunds within 45 days, THEY DO NOT!!!! I ordered 3 pairs of tactical pants according to their size chart. My husband wears a 36″ waist size in all his pants. That equated to a size XL which fits 36″-38″. The pants arrived and are WAY too small and WAY too long. I asked for a refund and they replied “we shipped the size your ordered, so no refund or exchange.” I am still doing the back and forth with them, but they appear to be non-responsive.
    I suspect they will drag it on until they pass their 45 days for refunds and then I really am out of luck…. I doubt PayPal will be any help at all either. Never have been in the past! Oh, and the part in their website that indicates you don’t have to use PayPal is not true! There is no way to bypass PayPal and use your credit card directly. Although, that may be a blessing since this is a COMPLETE SCAM!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEB SITE!!!!

  7. Total ripoff, I wish I had done my research before ordering their so call tactical pants. Money back guarantee is a joke when you have to pay more to ship back this crappy product than what you paid for it! Never again!

  8. I ordered the tactical pants as well. It took about a month to get them. They didn’t fit. They won’t let you exchange them. Here is their reply:

    “But according to our return policy,if there is no quality problems with the products,it won’t be supported to returned or exchanged.
    Please note it.

    Yvonne Guo”

    If you want to email them regarding your order, their email is

  9. Typical ripoff Chinese scammers. Waited two months for my tactical shorts. Ordered 38/40 waist…got 32 waist. They refuse to exchange or refund my money after I returned the items. Avoid these A- holes unless you want to donate your money!

  10. Yep. I ordered the Tac Pants also and a fee items costing less than a $100. You got ripped off. The short story, I emailed them continuously over weeks because they failed to send a shipping number or the product. After one month, I contacted paypal, then they sent a shipping number, which the vendor had not info on. Finally, through paypay I got permission to return the product.
    I went to UPS who wanted $200 to ship the items back to China, went to USPS they wanted $60 to send it. The company that sent it had two other names.
    The pants I ordered were labeled my size but were 4 sizes to small.

    Long story short I did not spend the money to send it back, I donated the items and learned a $100 lesson to shop from reputable companies.

  11. Beingadmired is as crooked and morally bankrupt as they come. People, DO NOT PURCHASE from these foreigners. They are deceitful and dishonest as they come.

    1. Hello! We are grateful that you have updated your review here. Yes, we have also written in our blog that it is a dubious platform or portal. Together we can make each other alert about the suspicious sites. It would be beneficial if you would share your experience here. Thank you!

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