Best Beginner Crypto to Invest in 2023

Complete Information About Best Beginner Crypto to Invest in 2023

At this time, the financial market is full of different platforms for selling currencies and shares. And if you want to join cryptocurrency trading but don’t know where to start, here is the information you need.

Nowadays, entering the cryptocurrency trade is complicated for newcomers by the huge number of platforms. Nevertheless, there are platforms that are suitable for their start in the world of cryptocurrency. In this article, you will read about the best cryptocurrency platforms that beginners can easily handle.

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So, let`s start talking about the best cryptos for beginners.

Table of Contents

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Investment is a hard thought process. But what if the developers came up with a way to dilute the mental process with a game? And yes, they did, that’s how you can describe this platform. You play in an ecosystem and get rewards in the form of gems, which you can then turn into currency. It’s a quality mobile game, with the main goal being smart investing.

2. RobotEra (TARO)

This platform offers you more than the usual crypto investing. TARO gives you access to an ecosystem of land building and creativity: 

  • People create robot-like avatars for themselves and play with them to create the world, in this virtual reality. 
  • Robots can create their own plots and decorate as they wish. 

For newcomers, this way of learning is much clearer than the classic exchange.

3. FightOut (FGHT)

Another way to entice more than just crypto is to reward the right lifestyle. FightOut tracks your steps and workouts and rewards you for that. You can use this reward to upgrade your strength. This will allow you to participate in competitions in the future. They also work with professional trainers who provide master classes and educational content for platform users.

4. Ethereum (ETH)

It is the most popular blockchain for developers of decentralized applications around the world using smart contracts. Smart contracts remove the last person from certain transactions, turning them into decentralized transactions. At the moment, Ethereum is actively gaining momentum in sales thanks to its updates.

5. Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is one of the most anticipated presales in cryptocurrency right now. It’s the gaming version of crypto investing. You can choose between two forms:

  • free form;
  • premium form. 

The free form will give you access to learning and improving your skills The premium version has that very expected “play and earn” option. In this game, players assemble their own characters from the fractional and fight for supremacy in the afterlife. Winners are rewarded with RIA tokens. RIA tokens can be used to buy fight cards or to sell your own cards. This keeps players changing strategies and improving them. It will also be available as a mobile game, which is a huge advantage.

6. Bitcoin (BTC)

The most popular and reliable cryptocurrency at the moment is Bitcoin. Despite the fact that its price has fallen, many people still buy it, because it was the first in this area. Also, its advantage is low transaction fees. The number of merchants who use BTC as payment is also growing every year around the world. And that’s another reason to learn more about this currency and maybe buy it.

7. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

Dash 2 Trade is one of the most advanced analytical platforms, with 3 levels of access. The first – basic – level is the training level. At this stage, you can learn how to invest, learn more about the platform and learn how to train. The next stage is already paid but is more professional. You will have to invest 300 D2T tokens to learn more information about launches and more tips. And finally, the premium level, for which you have to pay 1000 tokens per month. to get access to the most innovative features of the platform. Dash 2 Trade has already become one of the most popular crypto platforms among new and experienced traders, even at the presale stage.

8. Solana (SOL)

This is one of the most reliable platforms, which is considered for long-term results. Those who are thinking about where to make their first investment should consider SOL. Its tokens have a low price and high availability, which attracts attention. Solana is the main one for those who want to earn money with NFT. The only disadvantage is that you will not get a lot of money in a short timeframe, so take this point into mind before buying.

9. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Tamadoge is an alternative version of the “Play and Earn” platform. Now it is a very popular type of platform among investors, so the platform is gaining huge popularity. This is a meme coin with utility. The principle is very reminiscent of the favorite children’s toy of most people. You buy a pet, grow it, and improve its geo-skills. And then you start earning on it, from battles with other pets, getting Doge points. Users are rewarded with TAMA tokens. But don’t forget to take good care of it and don’t leave it for a long time, otherwise, your Tamadoge will die and your success will be lost. 

Let’s summarize

At the moment, due to the instability of the exchange, it has become difficult to invest in cryptocurrency. Therefore, the developers are trying to attract new investors through different game methods. Based on the popularity of many platforms, this is a very successful strategy. And many of these platforms are quite reliable and with great potential to take a risk and trust your money to them. Take the time to research and study as many platforms as you can before you buy to reach your goal. After all, many of them have a great chance of doubling or tripling your income while still bringing you gaming pleasure.

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