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In this post-Ball Knowledge Wordle, we have acknowledged our readers about the Wordle-inspired games Missing 11 and Who Are Ya?.

Do you like football knowledge quizzes? The Worldwide loving game Wordle has so many clones; Previous popular clones of Wordle, including Heardle for music lovers and Quordle for those looking for a greater challenge. And now there’s another Wordle-inspired game based on football knowledge roaming on the discussion table these days.

Read the Ball Knowledge Wordle article to learn about the Wordle-inspired games. Would these games be enjoyable like Wordle or not? And how difficult will they be? So kindly read further.

Football Knowledge quiz: Missing 11 

The Missing 11 website, developed in February and inspired by the Wordle game, offers two activities, “Missing 11 and who are ya? ” that can test your knowledge of historical and present-day match players. 

Users of the Missing 11 game must choose the starting eleven players from a historical soccer match, or a present-day match is chosen each day randomly. For the case, today’s Football Knowledge Quiz is on the tournament of France’s 3-1 win against Spain in the World Cup at HDI-Arena on June 27, 2006.

Using the number of letters in each of the starting eleven players’ names provided by the game, you have eight chances to identify each football player correctly. 

Similarly, like Wordle, the color becomes green if the right letter is positioned in the right spot. The color turns yellow if you put the right letter in the wrong spot. With the “Who are ya?” game, players can now play an easier version of Missing 11 in which they must identify a football player.

Ball Knowledge Game

Who are ya? The game starts with a hazy image of the football player, where you have to make a guess, but it cautions: “Don’t believe the colors since they have been distorted.” The image will grow gradually less blurry with every guess.

After you respond, it provides information about your estimate, including the player’s nationality, league, position, age, and club. According to another rule, they needed to have participated in one game during the 2021–22 season.

Similarly, like Wordle, your response turns green if your estimate matches the information about the mystery football player; otherwise, it will remain grey. For example, in Ball Knowledge Wordle, if your incorrect guess was a German player, but somehow the right answer was another German player, your response will remain green. 

The correct response can be found after eight guesses. A drop-down menu will display after inputting a guess that recommends player names based on the characters you typed. 

Social media users seem to be enjoying the two tasks, as seen by using emoticons when announcing their results on Twitter.


Wrapping up this write-up, we have given our readers accurate information about the Wordle-inspired game, which is a type of Ball Knowledge Wordle game. And please check this link to learn more about these games.

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