Arkazi Bot Scam (Nov 2021) Read Detailed Information!

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This article below is about Arkazi Bot Scam, helping readers learn the genuine bots, their working, unique features, and ways to identify the scam. 

Are you aware of a recent scam of Aekazi Bot? The activeness booster Bot, Arkazi, is a utility-based bot that helps users create their server look professional and better.

This utility bot has more than forty features, attracting users across the United States and other parts of the world to know more of its features. However, you must also explore Arkazi Bot Scam before utilizing its features or dealing with it.

What are the unique features of Arkazi Bot?

Arkazi Bot has more than forty features. A few of Arkazi’s Bot are as follows:

  • Generators of Banner- You can have the greatest banner creator where you can choose from hundreds of fonts and even customize your banner’s color.
  • Global Discussion or Chat- You may set up a global conversation or chat in your server to communicate with users on other servers while staying on your own and keeping your server operational.
  • Leveling Roles- When users reach a certain level, it rewards them with some incredible roles.

Is Arkazi Bot Scam?

If a bot sends you a Direct Message proposing something or requesting that you click on a link, you must ignore it. The platform has never developed a bot to provide you with free things. Therefore you can be confident that this is a rip-off.

If you deploy these bots to your server with the expectation of getting something in exchange, your server will most likely be compromised.

Can you trust Arkazi Bot?

It has no method of recovering anything that has been erased. If you have any questions concerning a bot, your best choice is to contact the developer. 

You must check Arkazi Bot Scam before moving ahead. If you are uncertain how to continue or breach your account, please contact our customer service staff.

What are the tip system and chat reviver of Arkazi Bot?

  • Reviver of Chat- You can also build up an intelligent chat reviver that identifies if the conversation or chat is dead based on your chosen time.
  • Tip System- You can supply varied information on your server’s goods by using a tip system that drops tips while users are speaking.

What are the mini-games of Arkazi Bot?

Arkazi Bot has several mini-games for its users and server members, such as guess the word, tictactoe, connect 4, and various others, which are included gradually in its updates. Explore Arkazi Bot Scam to know the facts.

The commands of the Bot are as follows:

  • TicTacToe
  • Jumble Words
  • Guess the Word
  • Rps
  • Fastest Finger
  • Bubblewrap

To help avoid scams, you must read more about How to protect yourself from a scam.

Final Verdict:

An activeness booster Bot, Arzaki, has many functions and features created to boost your server’s activity and is designed to appear more professional.

The permissions required are Ban/Kick members, managing messages, embed links, reading message history, mentioning other roles and everyone, using external emojis, viewing channels, sending messages, and adding reaction. Is Arkazi Bot Scam? Read about Arzaki Bot

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