Archive Wordle Game {April 2022} Know The Game Details!

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What is the Archive Wordle Game? How can gamers play the previous Wordle game? Is this tool still working? All you can know is by reading this article below.

Have you missed cracking the game on Wordle? Do you want to go back and play it again? Are you finding a way to play those missed riddles? If so, you’ve opened the correct informative article. 

In this news blog, we will be disclosing a process by which Worldwide players can enjoy those games they have missed previously. 

Yes, you can grab the hints correctly; we will be uncovering the ‘Archive Wordle Game,’ which has again come into the limelight. Let’s know all the latest information about it-

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Introduction of Wordle Archive:

Wordle archive allows players to enter into the back catalog of this viral game. According to different media sources, it’s an ‘Open Source Tool’ created with love by Devang Takkar, the computational biologist & designer. This tool was released to the public this year in January. Following social media like Twitter, the creator has tweeted that this tool is getting 100K+ users daily. Let’s know more about it and the playing process.

How can anyone access this Archive Game tool?

As specified in the previous section, it’s an open source gaming tool to access the previous Wordle game. You can access it by heading to its official website. However, considering the latest updates, the tool has been disabled from public use. Therefore, we can say that the tool is now not working for any players.

More details about it:

Following Takkar’s tweets, he mentioned that he was requested to shut it down by ‘The New York Times.’ Along with this statement, he also specified that he created it to bring joy to Worldwide Wordle players, and it was also running successfully; however, it was shut down due to the request.

Archive Wordle Game– Brief about the game:

Those who do not know about this game- it is one of the viral games nowadays, which can be described as a word puzzle game. The game has easy gameplay, where players need to find 5 letters word within 6 chances. This game has become hugely successful and ranked on the list of the top games. Besides, wordle archive is not a game or any spin-off; it is a gaming tool allowing gamers to play previous games. But unfortunately, it is not working now.

Players’ reactions to this tool and this game:

This open source Archive Game tool has attracted a huge crowd due to its unique concept. It gained a million players in a very short time. Now coming to this game, Wordle has already gained millions of active players on a global basis. The easy and captivating gameplay has caught huge attention; thus, several spin-offs have been released in recent times. 


Though the Wordle Archive had gained much attention, the tool is inactive now. We assume that you have got all the details you’re looking for about this archive tool. Follow the updated information, of the tool. Still, do you have anything to know about the Archive Wordle Game? Please write in the comment section.  

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