Among Us Account Not Working (April) Check The Errors!

Among Us Account Not Working

Among Us Account Not Working (April) Check The Errors! >> Please read this article it is about an error that won’t allow people to play a famous game and its reasons.

Are you experiencing some problem in Among Us game? Does the Among Us Account Not Working? Did you try every possible method to rerun this game? Well, don’t worry because, in this article, we will tell you the reason behind this error and how it can be fixed. 

If you are an Among Us user, you will know that this game has impacted not only in few countries but worldwide. Because of its so much popularity, people are eager to know when it will be active again. So let’s find out.

What makes the Among Us game famous?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game that is famous worldwide. The users of this game are getting increase day by day. However, many users are frustrated because the Among Us Account Not Working. It was developed by Innersloth and available for PC, android, and iOS platforms. 

The reason why this game is famous is because of its unique gameplay and genre. It is a little game of murder and treason to suspect the murderer and keep your identity safe. People enjoy this simple game and simple 2D design and communicating with other players and allied with others. 

What are the issues that come in Among Us?

The Among Us game recently gave us the new update in which they introduced a new update called ‘airstrip update.’ When a player tries to play this update, then the Among Us Account Not Working shows a pop-up window that states that ‘something went wrong with creating your account (Error GoogleAuthNoToken). 

At first, it only happened on android phones, but now it started affecting iOS and PC users. As the players cannot log in to the game, they won’t connect with other friends. 49% of audience reports for server connection problem, 42% reports for login problem, and the remaining reports for application problem. 

So if you want to see how a person can solve this issue and enjoy Among Us, then continue reading. 

How to fix Among Us Account Not Working issue?

Every Among Us users are eagerly waiting for a response from the official creator about fixing this issue. Many users have tried their ways like reinstalling the game, clearing the data, restarting the device, but nothing works. 

Now the game studio Innersloth is aware of the problem that the players are facing. They are trying their best to fix the problem and allowed the user to play this new update. Till this problem is fixed, you can play Among Us but as a guest player. 

The followers of Among Us game want this error fixed as soon as possible to enjoy and play with others.


Now we know about the issues of Among Us Account Not Working, which make you stop login into the game and playing it. You can still play the game using a guest account that doesn’t connect you with friends. The studio is trying its best to restore the game.

If you know any other ways which help the player fixing this issue, then share us in the comment section.

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