Unlocking the Secrets of Amazon Interview Coding Questions

Unlocking the Secrets of Amazon Interview Coding Questions

Did you know?

Amazon stands tall as one of the largest companies across the globe, with a workforce that is strong, talented and best from the rest!

The company is recognised for its gigantic disruption of varied industries through mass scale and the technological advancements. 

With the workforce of more than six lakh employees, Amazon welcomes aspirants from various walks of life.

 Budding professionals too want to join the giant to give a new power to their careers! 

Though, they have to pass through the phases of Amazon assessment test and various coding interview rounds of the company. 

But the twist here is the chances of getting your dream job at the giant is quite dim.

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Don’t worry, we are here to help! 

With some fruitful tips and productive knowledge, we are going to unfold some secrets to crack Amazon interview coding questions.

Let’s get started! 

Know about the Interview Process 

The first trick to get your desired job at Amazon is to know in-depth about the interview process. Firstly you need to have a strong recruiter connection. 

Get a good Linkedin profile or you can either connect the recruiter through referrals or can apply for the job from Amazon portal. 

Usually, Amazon conducts four interview rounds with a coding test which consist mainly of DSA problems. The first is the HR round which asks behavioural questions and the company related questions.

Then you will encounter three data structure and algorithm rounds where you will ask the questions on DSA. The problems in these rounds generally range from medium to high level of difficulty. 

After these rounds, the recruiters call the aspirant to tell his verdict. Though, the candidate is judged on overall technical and leadership skills. Once you pass all the assessments, you will get your offer letter.

Unlocking the secrets to crack Amazon interview coding questions 

Amazon interview coding questions are touted to be quite tough for the candidates. Therefore, you should know about certain tips or tricks to start your Amazon interview preparation in the right direction.

Exam pattern for Amazon Assessment test 

For the online coding Amazon assessment test, it is essential to know about the exam pattern. The pattern is quite similar to the testing pattern for any other software engineer role. 

There will be an initial coding round with three to four questions on medium to high level of difficulty. While on the on-campus hiring, the company takes a coding round with a psychometric and aptitude test round.

By knowing the exam pattern, you would be at a better position to start your interview preparation in the right direction.

Previously Asked Questions 

You can never go wrong in checking out the previously asked questions in the Amazon interview. When you look at previous Amazon interview papers, you will get a glimpse of some of the commonly asked questions or the topics. 

The most common topics asked in Amazon coding interviews are Number theory, greedy algorithms, binary search, dynamic programming, hash tables, BST, maps among others. 

You can keep all these topics and its related questions in consideration while preparing for the Amazon coding interview as it will give you an edge over other aspirants.

Prepare for Bar Raiser 

Amazon has a bar raiser round that trains employees to see if they are the right fit for the company or not. The primary reason to include a bar raiser is to gauge the best talent.

If you want to lock your offer at Amazon, you should pass this round with flying colours. This is a round you can’t take lightly if you are quite serious about your interview preparation.

Brush up your coding skills 

Your coding and technical abilities play a dynamic role in helping you land your dream job. 

You need to take up each topic a day based on how much time you have left for the final interview and start your preparation for the same. An interviewer will be judging you mainly on the basis of your technical and coding abilities.

The Amazon interview coding questions related to DSA are commonly asked from the candidates to assess them better on the coding and technical abilities. This would give them the edge over other candidates.

Loop Interview Questions 

Well, the loop interview questions are something you can’t ignore if you are too serious about your Amazon interview preparation. The loop is generally centred around the 14 main principles of Amazon. 

This is the final phase of your hiring process and the questions in this case will generally be related to one or two leadership principles of Amazon. The basic objective of this round would be to know in detail about the leadership principles of Amazon and about its work culture so that you can prepare well. 

Past Interview Experiences 

The interview experiences of past candidates would be of great help to you. When past candidates share their interview experience, you will know about the questions asked, how they have responded to these questions and what are the parameters of selection.

Moreover, you can also learn from their perspectives and the things to avoid in the interview. When you follow their suggestions, you would be better able to work on your weak areas and avoid certain mistakes.

Mock Interviews 

Mock interviews are the replicas of real interviews. To give a new height to your Amazon interview preparation, you can take part in mock interviews. These interviews are designed keeping in mind the real interviews.

The best thing about the mock interviews is that they help you analyse your performance while taking note of the areas where you are going wrong. Moreover, these interviews also help you work on your time management skills.

Wrapping Up 

Amazon interview coding questions are hard to crack. Though, by knowing some useful secrets and following some fruitful tips you will not only clear the interview but can also land your dream job.

Keep our guide as your mentor and prepare well for the Amazon interview! 

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