A Whole New Ride: Addmotor Semi Recumbent Electric Trike

A Whole New Ride Addmotor Semi Recumbent Electric Trike

Many cyclists switch to recumbents because of pain in their knees, buttocks, and neck.

However, because to concerns about visibility, many people are leery about low-slung bikes and trikes. As a result, various manufacturers have developed semi-recumbent trikes. The 3 wheel electric trike allows the rider to sit back in a comfortable seat while remaining visible to motorists.

In addition to its comfortable, but not too low, seating posture, these trikes offer a few further distinguishing features. One of these is a steering system that enables the trike to lean into bends, increasing its turning stability compared to conventional upright tricycles.

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Using the hand controls on the handlebar behind the seat, riders may also adjust the damping of the steering system while they are moving. This suggests that customers may adjust the steering to be less responsive while travelling quickly on long straight highways and more sensitive when moving slowly through traffic, for instance.

One of the best products for the Addmotor livery regarding semi-recumbent electric trikes is the M-360. This world’s first semi-recumbent electric trike stands out with 8 different multi-colors to choose from. 

Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-trike Providing you with the most comfortable riding experience

Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-trike: Providing you with the most comfortable riding experience


The Addmotor M-360 is a powerful & feature-rich electrical tricycle with fat tyres that is ideal for riders who require tow large loads or additional help when they are having trouble balancing. It can support around 350 pounds of weight and fits people who are 5’6″ to 6’6″. This Electric Trike boasts a longer frame than other Addmotor trikes. The riders can manage and handle the ride better because to the longer length.

Due to these factors and the upright riding posture, additional pedal torque and energy are also needed from the person. The tricycle is incredibly simple to assemble owing to its reclined shape, and because the handlebars are situated up front, it puts them within convenient reach as well. With a general focus on adaptability, convenience, and dependability, it is truly a remarkable concept. Also, we Just discussed, the grips are assembled in an unusual way; they are separated from one another on distinctive head stems, and fortunately this places the commuters in a situation where they can quickly get on as well as off the bike and take a seat on the seating, which fortunately looks more like a lawn seat than a thin bicycle seat. As a result, it is the ideal elderly electric trike. You’ll appreciate the relaxed riding position because it is low-impact on the knees, provides excellent stability, and is extremely welcoming, particularly for those with physical limitations. 

A frame made of extra-durable aluminium makes carrying heavy weights simple.You may fit about 100 lbs of cargo in the rear rack. As a bonus, the trike’s updated model now includes a sizable back bike bag.

The electric powered tricycle boasts a 750W brushless engine from Bafang and a 48V /20AH lithium-ion Samsung detachable cell, giving it the power and endurance to travel with you on any journey after just 4 hours of charges. It has a range of more than 85 miles per charge. A 750-watt geared engine with a front-mounted hub drive powers the tricycle. Due to the extended wheelbase, it functions well in this context and has a nice driving sensation. You receive a turbo control and seven pedal aid settings. The pedal assistance is powered by a cadence detector, so that as quickly as you apply mild force, the electric engine will quickly take control. The tricycle is mechanically propelled by a 7-speed transmission with a 14-28 tooth cassette. Real changing is done with the hold change on the right handlebar, which seems very comfortable. 

The middle-placed, non-detachable screen is simple to see in bright light and can be adjusted to minimize brightness. For charging mobile gadgets while on the road, there’s a complete USB connection on the bottom. 


This bike’s comfort features a distinctive, roomy saddle that is comfy and supportive of your spine. The backrest looks to have been custom-welded, and it’s ideal for persons with restricted movement or bigger frames. 

So say goodbye to your back and joint pains, the M-360 has all the remedies.

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