5 Useful Apps to Help You Survive at University

Top 5 Useful Apps to Help You Survive at University

When studying at university, students are expected to deal with multiple challenges at once and succeed in different spheres. Studying, socializing, personal issues, and other concerns come all at once requiring focusing, multi-tasking, and efficient operation in any conditions. This makes it necessary to get equipped with the right tool to make your high-qualitative performance possible. Whether it is an online paper writing service, expenses calculator, or task organizer, if you use the proper apps and tools, your life as a student will be more optimized and you will reach your aims easier. 

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Learn Online with Coursera

Whether it is because of distance, the world pandemic, or personal reasons you cannot make it to your college. Or you just want some specific qualification that your place of education cannot offer you, online learning may be your perfect solution. 

Coursera stands out among other useful apps for college students as a perfect platform for learning online. You will get a use of courses from the world’s top reputable universities and learn from the most talented teachers. The platform offers complex courses with textbooks, assignments, guidelines, tests, videos, and all other kinds of learning materials. At the end of every course, you get a certificate that is recognized by institutions and companies all around the world.

Take Notes with Evernote

Being a student, you should know about a constant need to remember something. Take a photo of a new schedule. Note down the details on the next test. Write down the whole lecture. And so many more occasions when one of the helpful apps for college may assist you with recording and optimizing all the data you have to bear in mind and use later. 

Evernote is a customer-oriented program that helps you to store and organize data in all possible forms. You can make and save photos, voice records, and written notes, organize everything neatly in folders, and even share with your college friends if necessary.

Write Perfectly with Grammarly

As a student, you are going to write a lot. From daily assignments on all possible topics to essays and extended writing, your score and reputation will rely not only on the content you provide but how well you present it. This makes it necessary to care about an app for college students that specializes in writing.

Grammarly is one of the top popular and reliable writing assistants. It helps you with grammar, spelling, and styling checks. The app or plugin on your mobile keyboard will give you a hand in creating emails to your professor, editing your essay, and optimizing your notes in all possible ways. Whether you need the right letter in a word, the suitable tense, or the whole passage optimized, Grammarly can improve your writing without any hassle. 

Stay Healthy at Campus with My Fitness Pal

The top helpful apps for college are not only the ones to help you with studying but also those to aid you stay fit and healthy. If you lack energy and a good mood, your productivity will deteriorate significantly. This is why you need a tool to regulate your lifestyle and encourage yourself to cope with daily tasks well.

MyFitnessPal will become your best friend in making you fit and sound. You will keep control of your sleep quality, your mealtimes, your nourishment level, your exercising, and other components of your healthy lifestyle. Want it or not, MyFitnessPal will care about your best health in college. 

Control Your Expenses with Mint

Budgeting is another useful habit every person, especially students, needs to evolve. When you are in college or university you have an abundance of expenses to cover. Apart from tuition, you should pay for accommodation, food, books, entertainment, and other personal needs. If you don’t keep track of your income and expenses you will hardly make ends meet.

This makes a good expense tracker such as Mint stand among the top apps for college students. You will keep your income and expenses under control, receive budgeting tips, pay your bills, and monitor your credit score.


Don’t struggle to keep your life under control when in college but exploit useful apps for college students to succeed with no hassle. Review the top recommended tools and choose the ones that cover your needs and preferences best. Whether you need to perfect your writing, acquire a new skill, or keep fit even with your busy study schedule there is a great tool you can keep on your phone to help you handle any task and life situation with confidence. 

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